So if you read my first post or ever read my posts from my old blog you’d know that I didn’t have the internets at home but was planning on getting them installed.  Well my plan was to go with internet with my current satellite tv provider.  Well did that ever blow up in my face!  They wouldn’t let me downgrade my tv like I had planned without lots of hoops. (I don’t like hoops.  I can’t even hoo-la-hoop!)  Also they could not install the satellite internet that they had come to my house with because my HOA rules say only one satellite per roof.

Low and behold I am still without the internets and still paying way too much for tv that I barely have time to watch (thank goodness for DVR though!)

For now I am still going to post once in a while when I have something exciting to talk about until  I get everything figured out.  Basically I’m going to go to internet/netflix and free antenna tv.  I’m a single gal on a budget.  I have to save my money for all of my race fees!

Speaking of races. I just completed my 6th half marathon with a new PR of 2:31:06!  I’ll post on that soon! It was pretty great! I ran the Women Rock with a bunch of awesome Lady friends and my college friend Ann came out to spectate and bring my alieve for my hip knee (which I think saved me!).  Next on the agenda is  Women Run the Cities 10 Mile and the Monster Dash 1/2.

Have you ever done a Halloween race?  Have you dressed up?  I need ideas people!!


Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sista Sarah! She’s the big 2-6 today.