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Happy Weekend!!

I started my weekend of right this morning with a little 7.5-ish miler (my phone decided not to pick up satellite signal so I don’t know my exact distance, cool!) with my Lifetime run club!  I’m glad I made it, I didn’t wake up until 7:25 and the group leaves at 8!  It was a small group, just Linda, John, Jenna and I but it was fun! We may have gotten turned around/lost but we eventually found our way and got in our miles!  After a smoothie and some foam rolling and a shower I was off to Heritage Days with my sisters and nephews!

Waiting for the parade to start, he’s practicing his wave.me n b waiting

We had lunch at the senior center then we were off to claim our spot then wander a bit before the parade started.  B was so excited for candy, his favorite treat that he got all day was TWO little bags of cotton candy!  I’m glad I’m the auntie and not the moma! That’s a lot of sugar!race car

steel drumsB got 2 freezes!  freezies My aunt and cousin came out for the parade too!  We saw lots of fire trucks and lot of cool cars that a 4 year old and (nearly) 2 year-old loved! 

e shell paige
E Aunt Shelly and Paige.
Wave at the cars E!
me and e wavign motor cycles

The post parade festivities included a few bounce houses and at one point the 17 year-old cousin Paige had to stand in line for B while he took a potty break.  That was pretty funny.  She was even wearing B’s hat.  She’s got HUGE feet, but apparently a tiny head.  Just kidding Paigey! I love you!

Can you spot my cousin?paige bounce house

Sarah (the younger sister), B and I headed to my parent’s house (after a target stop) where our mom was slaving all day making a big birthday turkey dinner for Sarah’s 26th birthday.  She even made a birthday cupcake tower.


Side note about my little sister – she buys EVERYTHING that’s on sale/clearance. So a while ago she bought and gave me mom a cupcake stand so I think my mom felt obligated to use it for Sarah’s birthday.  We both had a good laugh when we walked in and saw the cupcakes.  At least it has finally been used!

So after 7.5 miles, parade/wandering, turkey dinner and cake and ice cream I will be sleeping like a baby! Nothing wrong with going to bed early on a Saturday right!?

And here’s a nice little photo to send you off to sleep, or whatever you might be doing tonight: It’s baby blue beard!

e bath tub

Also shout out and congrats to Half Marathoner Lynne, ULTRA Marathoner Julia, and Tri-athlete Marilyn who completed some AMAZING things today!! Yay girls!!