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It feels like I just finished my latest PR Half marathon last weekend, but it was almost 3 weeks ago.  Better gear up for the next race right?

The Women Run the Cities 10 miler is on Sunday!  This will be my first 10 miler in quite a while, so we’ll see, maybe I can score another PR.  I am really just running this one for/with Linda because it’s her 3rd race ever AND her longest!  Yay #runningbuddies! Mentally I’m thinking, it’s a training run for the 1/2 next month.  A training run that I get a sweet jacket and medal for! Yay swag!

As you know operation hydration always starts the week leading up to the race and this time is no different.  Last night I had my last glass of wine for a while (not that I drink wine, or alcohol for thtat matter, all that much anyway), and it’s now only water, milk and the occasional protein smoothie.Image
My last glass of whine last night whilst watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.  Yea, I watch brain rotting tv sometimes.  I’m ok with it.


Apparently I have a thing for pink plastic drink wear?  Who knew! I don’t even like pink (well I sort of don’t like it).


Looking a head a little farther – I think I’ll do a little 5k with a softball teammate in October, and then I still have the Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon in just over a month! Yikes! At least after that I will be done with races for the year! 

I think I’m going to need new shoes!  My Brooks have been nice, but I have to say that I miss my Asics.  I had Asics for 3 years, then the Cumulus 14’s did something weird and painful for my foot this spring, so I traded them in for my Brook’s Ghost 4’s.


Do you stick with the same brands of shoes? Or do you go with whatever feels good at the time?


How far out from a race do you start mentally preparing?