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I have my 10 race tomorrow morning! Woo!  I’ll be running with a few friends – Linda and Crystal and Courtnaey (I may have mis-spelled your name!)  I just finished up a short 2ish mile run out in the cold to wake up a little bit. 

I am nervous about 2 things.  One is my wardrobe.  Today it is cold, about 44 degree, but I always get so hot when I run so who knows what I will actually end up wearing for race day.

Number is…well #2.  This may be TMI for you.  For real.  I’m warning you.


OK keep going if you want to…


I went to the doctor this week and she put me on a antibiotic for this infection that she thought I had.  The one thing she says as she’s wrapping up the appointment is that this specific antibiotic has one side effect of diarrhea.  Dun Dun Dun.  At the time I was like oh NDB, she also mentioned that it does not affect everyone.  So I was fine with it and went on my way.  I picked up my prescription and I have been totally fine until this morning.  I went to get ready for my run and was delayed for a good 30 minutes.  I just wanted to make sure I was good to go.  I knew that I was just going for a short run but still. Now I am worried about tomorrow!!  I don’t want to be out for 10 miles and have to stop, or worse… 

Kat always says that we are running on borrowed time.  I just hope my time will not be up tomorrow at mile 5!

So that is what I am worried about tomorrow. Sorry about the TMI, but now we are really close. Right?!