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Thank goodness for my facebook friends for giving me the shortened update on the Packer’s game last night.  Sheesh!  Apparently the refs suck and something about a touchdown?

I went to school in Wisconsin so I have lots of Packer fan friends.  I do like football, I occasionally watch football (I’ll tell you about that in my Women Run the Cities 10 mile recap this week).  However, last night I was out playing volleyball and came home and had my late night snack of carrots and dip on the couch whilst watching 19 kids and Counting on the DVR. 

Meanwhile in Packer nation apparently there was a heated football game going on.  I woke up and check out the Facebook on my phone and saw a whole lot of rants about the game.  I thought I’d throw out a few pics from the facebook.



 I hope any of you that are all sorts of ticked either called in sick today for work or are able to concentrate enough to get 60% of you work done.