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Happy Friday Peeps!

It’s Friday! yay!!

My friends Meghan and Miles are getting married tomorrow Woop woop!

My run club is doing our monthly tail run tomorrow morning!! Yay for seeing fun fall colors in the woods! Yay!

It’s supposed to be really nice this weekend and I’m excited for the fun things I get to do!  Oh wait, hold up one hot second.  Apparently my body has another plan.

Body: “muuhaha Amy, now that you have these fun plans planned for this weekend I’m going to tear you down.  Your throat will be scratchy, your head will hurt, your neck and back will be stiff and painful.  You’ll spend half of your weekend on the couch.”

I haven’t been sick in for-ev-ver.  I hope this passes after a good night’s sleep tonight.  Bring on the (legal) drugs!!

Wish me luck!