Yesterday one of my co-workers and one of the absolute SWEETEST people I know got married to a wonderful man! Congratulations to Meghan and Miles!! The wedding was beautiful and the reception was fun and had good food!  I only have a few pics but I thought I’d share. My co-workers and I stopped at a bar between for a drink, then headed to the reception.


Meghan’s Husband tried to hard to get a nice picture of Alyssa, Meghan and I but his attempts were not well executed…see the proof below.  Does anyone have some excellent photoshop skills to lend?2012-09-29_22-34-30_412 2012-09-29_22-34-35_631 2012-09-29_22-34-41_402   1348958779787

My hair made it through the whole day! Thanks to my friend Ashley for her handy hair tips and Linda for letting me barrow her dress! Thankfully I did not let my cold stand in the way of having a great time and celebrating with Meghan and Miles!