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How fitting it is the title of this post?  It was from the one sign that I can remember from the race course….get it, Women Run the Cities?  Man, we women are clever.

2012-09-23_10-10-03_998The Start/Finish Line 

Anyway…on to it…

This was the first time that I’ve ever ran the Women Run the Cities race so I was pretty excited about it.  It is sponsored by MNCREW (Minnesota Commercial Real Estate Women) which is made up of many of the women at my company so after some peer pressure by my running buddies as well as getting the reminders at work, I signed up.

The night before I had my kids meal pre race dinner made of up Mac ‘n’ Cheese which was amazing.  I can’t remember the last time I had this! (It was on sale at Cub, so I bought two boxes last week!)


The next morning Linda picked me up at about 6:30 and it was COLD! Her car said 37 degrees! What the heck Minnesota! Not so cold, yet!  So we made our way through the crowd and the vendor tents and the potties, met up with Amy, Crystal, and Jenna.  We found our pacer and decided we’d want to finish with or before her (she’s was the 10:30 pacer).

On the road…Minnesota Sunrise

Me, Crystal and Linda ready to rock!

Off we went.  Our first mile was about 10 mins, and our second was a little faster so the three of us (Linda, Crystal and I) decided to slow it a bit.  But we all stayed together for about the first half, then I lost Linda at about mile 6/7 and Crystal just before 5.  I was keeping right around a 10:15 average which is good for me but just after mile 7 and the 785th hill I heard and saw the dreaded 10:30 pace group coming up on me.  I was sad and discouraged and it only took about two tenths of a mile for them to pass me.  I wanted to stay with them, but they were gone and I didn’t think I could get back with them.  I caught up with Crystal and was with her a little while and actually passed her.  Then there were some women that I started with that I hadn’t seen at all, but I wanted to pass them, and I’m pretty sure I did!

We hit the turnaround for the 5k and I knew it was just a little farther and I tried to pick it up, but I didn’t have much left.  Then my GPS said 9.5 miles and I did pick it up a bit.  We hit the last underpass and finally the last hill up to the finish and all these women were bolting past me to the finish, I tried to kick it up, but they were just faster.

I heard my name announced and was happy (but I knew that I did not PR and that was NOT happy).  It was a good race and pretty too! It’s always nice to run by the river.  Then I heard a co-worker’s name announced and turned around and there were two women I knew and one of their husbands.  I know so many people! (juuuust kidding)  Linda, Crystal and I ended up finding each other and getting our snacks.  Then we found Jenna and another woman in our Lifetime run club and had to take a quick pic to represent! You know how we do! (I’m so hood)

lt run club women
I can’t remember one woman’s name, Crystal, Me, Linda and Jenna

Excited finish pic per tradition!

Crystal had to leave right away to relieve the babysitter, but Linda and I stayed around for the raffle.  They gave away a few coach purses, a pink golf bag, and IPad and a gift card.  But sadly no one I knew won.

The Vikings were playing at noon that day so Linda and I decided to venture to downtown to find a bar to celebrate and watch the game.  We ended up at Hubert’s right near the new Twin’s Stadium which was really nice and slow when we got there.  We bellied up to the bar and got a couple of drinks and food (and water too).  We intended to stay only until half time but we were winning and so we watched the entire game! And we won!

Celebratory Drink’s at Hubert’s!

I got dropped off at home and the three drinks, bar food and 10 miles certainly did a number on me.  I took a nice bubble bath, and promptly spent the remainder of the evening on the couch watching DVR’d movies and drinking lots of water, and maybe a little napski.

Yes, I have Mr. Bubble bubble bath and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that!

It was a good day.  I’m sad that I didn’t PR (my PR was 1:44:23).  I need to work on being able to pick up my pace in the last mile of my races, but how in the world do you get better at that!?  Anyone have any tips?

Everyone had really a really good race! These were the 10 mile times of the women I ran with/knew running:


Amy E – AKA, not me: 1:24:37 8:28 average
Linda: 1:42:21 – 10:15 Average
Jenna: 1:44:05 – 10:25 Average
Amy (Me): 1:45:54 – 10:36 Average
Crystal: 1:47:36 – 10:46 Average




Side-note… Part of the reason that we stayed at the bar for the rest of the game (aside from the fact that we WON!) is because Linda’s co-worker/friend Brittany came down to join us for a drink or two.  I haven’t known her for long, but some of the things that come out of this girls mouth are HI-larious.  Now these were all joking/bar talk so if you’re easily offended, well don’t read them.  But if not, enjoy, there were two TTS (tweet that shiz) worthy quotes that I jotted down:

“Once a month my church would have a little bread and grape juice and I’m like, hey thanks for making me regular, God!”

“Life is to short to waste your time on midgey penises”