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I’m starting a new journey…it the Six-Week Fat Fall Off Boot Camp

I’ve never bought or used a groupon, but today I did!  I bought one for a 6 week Fit Body Boot camp class, for only $46, that will hopefully help me with losing some weight as the holidays roll around.  I’m also thinking this will help me with my running too! The Monster Dash Half Marathon is coming up… only —>> How many days left?!

I used to take a boot camp class at my gym but it got to be SO expensive.  It was about $160/mo in ADDITION to the $60 monthly fee for being a member!  I haven’t been doing boot camp for some time now.  However, I think with my history of working out, classes, personal training, running, boot camp, I’ll be able to get into the swing of things relatively quickly. 

The great thing is that it’s offered EVERYDAY! I can sign up for classes butt-crack (5:45) early, 10am-ish early or after work at 6:15p.  So it will be pretty flexible with my busy schedule.  I can go as many times in the 6 weeks as I possibly can/want to.  With my other boot camp  I was limited to only 3x/week which was less than I should have been doing (even though I was still running on my off days). 

Anywho I signed up for my first class bright and early Monday morning at 5:45am! (I’m still sick so I decided I’d better get feeling better before I start so I can go all out) I am sooo not a morning person but hopefully I’ll fit in with the crew and have a good experience!  It sounds like they also do some nutrition coaching and body fat testing/monitoring which will be nice bonus pieces to the 6 week adventure.

My plan right now is to go through the 6 weeks and be done, because, let’s face it, I can’t afford boot camp PLUS a gym membership! Been there, done that!

I’ll keep you posted with how much I love/ hate it!