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Today is of course Thursday, which for me also means a very long work day.  My day basically consists of leaving my house at 7:30 and not getting home until about 9:30.  Fuuuun….this is what having two jobs is…So right now as I type I am getting paid! (woop woop!)  I’m a receptionist/glorified Wal-mart greeter part time at a country club, aka: I get paid to catch up on reading books/blogs and writing blogs, as well as catching up work from my real job, with the occasional envelope stuffing assignment.

So I am looking forward to a few things this weekend, and yes, I know this post would be more approps for a Friday evening, but hopefully tomorrow after working for 10.5 hours I will take my butt out for a 9 mile run (I’m saying this now for accountability people! It must get done!).

Friday will consist of the above mentioned run, prepping food (see pic below) for my little nephew Easton’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday, and sleeping because I’m still not 100% from the cold that took me out of work on Monday.

The birthday boy himself.  This is his “say cheese” face! #lovehimmorethanwords

Honey Chipotle Glazed Bacon Wrapped Chicken (commence drooling)

Saturday will be of course the par-tay with my family and the  BIL’s family.  After the cake and ice cream I am hoping to stop by Ann’s for her pre-marathon meet up for the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday! I’m not running either the marathon nor the 10 mile but I am so excited to know and cheer for so many wonderful people that are running! When I did Grandma’s in 2009, it was an amazing experience despite nearly 90* temps and cloudless skies, because of Heidi, her mom Karen, the BF at the time, my mom, sister Sarah and cousin Paige as well the hundreds of spectators that cheer me on that day.

Mom, Dave, Me, Heidi, Paige, Karen, Sarah

Heidi made me the BEST sign and I was so thankful to see her several times on the course!

And Duh, I’d be horrible to not include my great running friends that completed the marathon with me that day: Tyler, Jay, Amber, Lisa, Megan, and Mia!


I am excited that 1) I know a dozen or so people running so I’ll have lots of familiar faces to look for, and 2) I get to be one of those spectators that cheer up a runner who feels like the finish will never come.  Maybe I’ll actually make someone cry, like I cried running through downtown Duluth that hot day!

I’ve been compiling a list of run club peeps, twitter peeps, blog peeps and IRL friends that are all running this weekend and this is the list I have come up with so far.  If I’ve missed you let me know! I’m making a sign with everyone’s name and I’d hate to leave you out!  We’ll (running buddy Linda and I) be out there cheering our hearts out most likely with Ann and her husband Jay!


10 Milers:

I’ll wish good luck to all of your running this weekend and I can’t wait to cheer  you all on as you accomplish something AMAZING!