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I had been looking forward to spectating the Twin Citites Marathon for a long time once my friend Linda said that she would come out and sit on the side of the road with me for a few hours!

For as many races as I have run I have not ever just gone to a race just to spectate.  Sure I’ve gone to run my race and hung out afterwards to watch some people coming in.  Or at the Get in Gear I hung out with Annie and Maria in my car after we finished the 10k and waiting for Ann and Hannah come in from the half marathon!  I think that was the only time I’ve spectated.

So the planning started about the week of the race and I was trying to come up with race sign ideas.  Then I got invited to Ann’s mararthon meet up and suddenly I had a TON of peeps to cheer for! (See my list from my last post!)  I employed Ann’s talents to make my signs while Julia and I sat around and chatted and watched, then chatted a bit with Kat via Ichat.  It was only the second time I talked to Kat or Julia but Ann’s got great taste in people because these girls are all sorts of awesome and now my friends whether the like it or not!

So race morning came and silly Linda promised John from run club that we would meet him at the start line to pick up a bottle of his drink that he would later want us to have a mile 13. (He was going to try to BQ and the mystery drink must have worked because he did!)  So I had to leave at 6:30 to drive through traffic up to Minneapolis and deal with all of the traffic around the dome but Linda finally found John.  By the time I dropped her off to run to meet him, I found a place to park and we decided to stay to see the start.  Whilst standing on the corner feeling like a loser because I wasn’t actually running I saw Hannah and her dad as well as a girl that I went to High School with that I didn’t even know was running.  I wish Kristi good luck,  but I don’t think she remembered/recognized me.  Oh well!

We made our way to mile 14 parked and walked the mile back to 13 because that’s where John was going to look for my awesome signs, and his magic juice.

We saw Carl, John, Jonnie, Laurie, Nick, Julia, then decided to move on to meet up with Ann and Jay where every they were robot dancing. (I’ll post their video soon).  But because going from 13 to 16 we would miss a lot of people we decided to hit up 23 but before that of course I get the text that Kat had just crossed 13 so we race down the road to 14 and I see her and I’m screaming her name and jumping like and idiot, and I’m pretty sure she just saw the sign waved and was gone, not sure if she even saw me, but whatevs.  Hearing someone shouting your name is all that counts right?  Perfect.

So we continued over to 23 and by the time we got there John had finished and Karl was JUST running by, we got to the corner and there he was! Good timing for us!  We also saw him at the very start line, he just happened to be standing on the other side of the fence baracade!  So we got  to see Julia (or she saw us) and I jumped out and ran with her just about a block until the chaos at the water stop.  She was doing awesome as expected!  Then next came Jonnie and Laurie, but we only saw Jonnie and he was doing great as well!  Then came Nick and Jen and Kat and Falon and Hannah and her dad!  It was awesome to see so many people that I knew out there running!!  I ran with the girls for a little while each just like I did with Julia.  I didn’t say much or really know what to say.  Heck I didn’t even really know if they wanted anyone to even talk to them, but too bad for them, because I did!

They all finished strong and safely! I’m so glad and proud to know so many amazing people that accomplished something so amazing that day!

Congratulations to all of you for and amazing marathon!  I’m so glad that I got to share in a few footsteps with you!  You are all amazballs!

Sidenote: I have some pictures, but I am unprepared today.  I had a family emergency and had to pack up to go to Chicago so I’m typing this up on my little sister’s laptop.  I think if I take up any more precious time on her computer she’ll have a heart attack!  So time to go now, but I promise to post a pics only post soon!!