I’m on the road again! The family time is over for now (except for the 7 hour drive). I have to say it was a decent weekend, given the reason we came down here in the first place.

When my dad first told me that my aunt had passed away I was shocked and I cried sitting at my desk at work. All I kept thinking about was my uncle, my two cousins and their 5 kids…and the baby on the way. Chris loved those little ones!

When we got here we found out that my cousin Kim and her family wasn’t able to make the trip to chicago from New York because she is pregnant and considered to be full term next month. I can’t even imagine how awful she must have felt. But thanks to technology we were able to skype with her on my uncle’s Ipad on Friday night while we were making some picture boards to display at the wake on Saturday. Then on Saturday she, her girls and husband sat on skype throughout the wake and the small service that a minister did.

My cousin, his wife, and my uncle spoke and cried…and I cried.
The saddest part of it was seeing my cousin’s 4 year old boy standing looking at a wedding picture of his parents, pointing and his grandma quietly saying “grandma’s dead” or “grandmas in heaven”. It broke my heart.

Yesterday my dad and I spent the day with my uncle at his house and eventually my mom and sister made their way over. Then Ryan Bridget and their three kids came over for dinner and to spend some family time together.

The kids were shy with us at the wake on Saturday, but yesterday was a different story. They played and laughed and jumped us all night. I think it was good for my uncle to have noise and laughter in his house.

It was also nice for us to catch up with my cousins and uncle too. Since they live so far away, the last time that I saw them was 6 years ago.

I think my uncle will be ok. He’s spent a long time just taking care of my aunt so I guess I’m glad that he’ll be able to take better care of himself. He’s got the three grandkids, a son and DIL nearby so I know they’ll support eachother and make it through this tough time.

This morning my uncle came over and had breakfast with us before we hit the road. He seemed to be in good spirits, he laughed a joked and talked… A LOT. My dad says that between my aunt and uncle there would never be a chance to get a word in, so my uncle is now making up for all the time he wasn’t able to talk. 🙂

Don’t worry Chris everyone will be ok down here. You’ve raised an amazing family and they’ll take care of eachother…

You’re home. Rest now and give grandma and grandpa a hug for me.