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So you all know I have the Monster Dash half marathon coming up in T minus 9 days.  But what you don’t know is that my mileage has been zil for the last week due to traveling and the funeral as well as being sick for the last three weeks! So I am freaked out!  The worse was this past week (Friday-today).  But I’ve still been trying to stay active whilst also trying to get some rest.  I had volleyball this week on T/W (missed Monday due to traveling) and I did boot camp yesterday.  I plan on going to boot camp tomorrow morning (accountability peeps!) then I’ll go for a run with Amber after work.  I’m sort of excited for a run….this is 90% due to the fact that I (hopefully) see a light at the end of the stuffy nose tunnel!

Side note – this was supposed to be my Monster Dash 1/2 redemption.  In 2008 I nearly broke my ankle playing volleyball the week of the race and so I could not run the 1/2 as planned.  So Amber ran it for me and I hung out at the finish and waited for her.  I just realized a few months ago that I had actually signed up for this half before 2012.  I did the 10 mile in 2009/2010.  So I guess I’m glad that I can actually RUN the half race this year (I had been scared in 09/10 to sign up for the half)! Cross your fingers that nothing happens to me next M,T,W at volleyball!!

After going to volleyball on Tuesday and being told by some of my teammates that I have a sinus infection (I’ve never had one and they aren’t doctors!) I was thinking more and more that I should go to see someone.

I woke up Wednesday, felt decent (only a slightly pounding headache) and decided to get to boot camp before work.  It was tough and had a hard time breathing, but I made it through.  Then by the end of the day I thought I was going to pass out on my desk at about 3pm, but still had 2 hours of work followed by 5 volleyball games to go before bedtime!

I knew I should do something so today I lunch I decided to try out a minute clinic at CVS. looked one up on my smarty pants phone and headed over.  I had to wait for like 15 minutes for the PA to finish up with the other patient, but then I got right in.  He asked all the doctory questions and said, “yup, I think your friends were right, sounds like a sinus infection”.  Then he sent a Rx about 10 feet to the pharmacy and a few minutes later I was on my way with drugs in hand.  But all in all it was more like an hour clinic but I only paid $1.37 for my drugs so that was good (go insurance!).

So now that I have some drugs going I am hoping hoping that I will at least feel decent come race morning to get to the start line…and over the finish too!  I wanted to PR again, I wanted to run with Linda the whole time(She did 12.4 miles last weekend!!! YAY!!!), but I think I may just have to take this one for what it is.  It might be slower than the other two this year, but I’m going to start and dang it I’m going to finish.  Sometimes sickness comes around and you just have to make due, right?

Hopefully I can talk Amber in to running with me on Sunday.  I feel like I need to get a 10 miler under my belt before the race.  I don’t want to push too much…but then again I have been staying active for the last three weeks…hmm  Maybe 11?

Anywho  I think for this half I’ll hang out with the 11:30 pace group and just relax the whole race.  I mean they’ll be other races.  I’m already signed up for more!!
Have you ever gone into a race that you felt totally unprepared for?  I have done two half marathons that I didn’t train well for.  By the end I was walking up some hill, saw Heidi and started crying!  My hip flexor hurt so much from undertraining.  I hope I hope that doesn’t happen this time!   Besides she won’t be there to kick me in the butt, so I better suck it up buttercup!