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A few weeks ago I started Fitbody Boot camp in Eden Prairie thanks to a pretty sweet groupon deal!  I’ve officially gotten through week 3 of the 6 weeks that I’m on board for.  I’ve had some ups and downs and downs, and I thought I’d share them with you.

I decided to start bootcamp on Monday 9/8.  I was fighting off a cold when I bought the groupon the week before, but figured the next week I’d be good to go and would be ready for a serious butt-kicking.  I woke up bright and not-so shiny on Monday at 4:30 AM (CRAZY!!) to get to the class that was 20 minutes away by 5:30 (class starts at 5:45, but it’s good to be early).  So I started class, still sick, with a pounding headache and I pretty much had to run to the bathroom between every sequence of exercises to blow my nose!

I woke up BEFORE my alarm one day…who does that!!

But how about the work out…well our instructor was Kelly, who is also one of the owners.  She and her Husband Jay own and operate Altman Fitness.  She teaches the classes, and to be honest, I haven’t met Jay, so I don’t know what his side of things is, unless he teaches the class at night!  The classes are actually in a gymnastics facility.  Maybe Altman fitness “rent’s” the space for classes? Who knows!

Initially when I go there everyone was zombies bright and cheery for it being only 5:45 in the morning.  I was struggling, but I tried my best.  Kelly introduced herself and is very nice and bubbly, just what you’d think you’d get from a fitness instructor. (I always love that because I totally feed off of other’s energy, and she had some good juju going!) The class was more or less what I had expected.  It’s mostly women, but there are guys too.  There are some people my age, but in the mornings there are some moms and dads coming in for their pre-work or pre-getting the kids out of bed work out.
We started with a warm up of running around the gym… AKA running around the tumbling floor, across the room whilst dodging the balances beams and around again.  It was a tight space and they did what they could.  But I have to say I LOVED working out/running on the tumbling floor! I felt like I could jump so high and my running felt light and effortless.  What can’t the ground feel like that!?

This is my “fake smile/ damn I’m exhausted after that work out” face

After the warm up (now I forgot what specific moves we did that day, but the same general idea flows through each session) we moved on to stations.  There would be somewhere between 4-5 stations where you did a number of different moves (with free weights, exercise bands or body weight, some straight cardio too) which at the end got me all sorts of sweaty.  It was a minute or two on and 30 seconds off between each.  We’d go through each station two times and I would be wiped (keep in mind…sick girl here)  My head would be pounding my nose all stuffy, but I hoped I didn’t show it.  I love work outs like this.  They are varied and engaging and never boring and always tough!  Also, the group aspect and Kelly’s personality didn’t hurt either!  We’d finish up some days with some abs and then always stretching.

I zoom out of there when it’s over at 6:30 because I still have to drive the 20 minutes home and get ready for work!  My one gripe…no showers!! This place is about 5 miles from my office and I would LOVE if I could get ready there.  I would be at work so much faster.  But instead no, I have to drive 20mins out, 20mins back home, then 30min back out to my office.  Oh well.  There are worse things.

When I first bought this I thought, oh I could totally go to this class every day for the 6 weeks, pssshhtt no problem!  Well apparently my body has had other plans.  I get sore!  I’m sore in the best way and it’s awesome.  I am also busy!  Getting up at 4:30 am, getting my butt seriously kicked at bootcamp, working all day then going to play a volleyball at night is entirely draining on me.  I play volleyball three nights a week (MTW) and two-a-day work outs three times a week in a row proved to be too much for me.  Besides the body needs time to recover.  Also, I was in the midst of training for my half marathon too!  I had/have a lot going on!  Not to mention the cold came back with a vengeance and turned into a sinus infection at about week 2! OUCH!

All in all these last three weeks I have only made it to boot camp 2 times per week.  I don’t feel too bad about the money that I spend on the groupon because it was only $45/6 weeks (when boot camp at my gym is $160/month!) AND I’ve got to give myself a break on the sickness side.  I tend to go, go, go, if you haven’t noticed! 🙂

Week 4 starts on Monday and I plan on making the second half of my boot camp experience much better than the first!  I’ve gotten over the sickness and am not planning on going out of town this weekend for the first time in what seems like forever (last weekend – cousin’s baby shower, weekend before – Chicago and the marathon the weekend before that!).  I’ll be running Half Marathon #7 on Saturday morning and I’m getting excited.  I think I’ve finally started to take the pressure off of me just in time to say WTH and just go for it.  I’ll be very entertained by all of the costumes if nothing else! CRAP! I still have to go to packet pick up tomorrow! Good thing I remembered now!!

Because the half marathon is in 2 days, last night I was contemplating whether or not I should go to boot camp this morning (and take Friday off totally)  or if I should take two days off.  Apparently my body decided for me, because this morning whilst half awake in my sleep turned off/snoozed my alarms and fell back soundly asleep until it was time to get up for work! I think I’m ok with that because my legs are STILL sore from Tuesday’s work out – it was ALL LEGS (think weighted squats, weighted steps ups, weighted plyo lunges…and more!)

See, I wasn’t lying when I said Tuesday was a sweaty beast day!!

I am looking forward to the next three weeks of boot camp with Kelly (PS she’s 7 months pregnant and does half of the work outs with us! Dedicated much?) and the other instructor, who’s name I can’t remember, but she is certainly a peppy little pixy of an Eastern European woman.  She’s always got her short blonde hair in little pig tails and zumba pants on, and her guns oh man they are a’ blaizin!  I overheard her say that she either teaches and or takes zumba and crossfit too! She’s as busy at I am!

It’s been a rough three weeks for me personally, but I’ve made it through and I am looking forward to a much better three weeks coming up!  If you live in the area and are looking for a new work out check out Fit Body Boot camp! They’ll definitely kick your butt!

Oh, also, did I mention that I’m down somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 pounds?  SWEET!! 10 more and I’ll be on cloud nine! Woop Woop!

Are you a class taker?  Or would would you rather make your way around the gym working out solo?  I used to be someone that preferred to work out solo, but in the last 4 years I’ve definitely gotten more excited about the group setting! There is so much more motivation with a group. Although, I still tend to get embarrassed if there are things I can’t quite do, or do a lot of, I’m competitive like that!