After the Monster Dash Half Marathon I decided that I would take a bit of a break of a break with running.  Or in Ashley’s words, I would break up with running, for a while.  I want to feel better in my clothes and lose some weight and feel stronger and get back some muscle tone that I feel has been diminishing over the last 6 months, (since quitting boot camp and ramping up miles).


I used to work out with a personal trainer at another Gym in 2008 and she helped me get back into a workout routine that I was in back in the middle of my college career.  I lost a fair amount of weight in the 10 months (25lbs) and gained some muscle.  I felt great and I looked pretty great too!!  Then I had to start saving for a house so the biggest expense had to go which was the trainer!   But luckily, I made some new friends at the gym and had taken up running by this point so I was on track to stay in like with all of the progress that I had made in those 10 months with my personal training!

This was Labor Day 2008 just before I stop working with my personal trainer. My most fit in a very long time!  I look like just a wee little babe! And tan too!

July 2012 after a 90 minute boot camp with Heidi and her CO blogger buddies!  Up in weight…say 15 pounds from the picture above.  I know I don’t have a true comparison picture, but I tried scouring my facebook and everything is not coming up Milhouse!  But there are some comparison pics on my about page!

 So lets fast-forward to present day…I’ve put back on some of the weight that I lost back in 2008, but not all!  I obviously still run, I’m currently enrolled in a but kicking boot camp class, I play volleyball three days a week, and I work two jobs (one full time, one part-time).    With all of those things in mind I don’t have much time to head to the gym and get in a really good work out every day on top of everything else, and get to bed at a reasonable hour!  Being so busy one might wonder, why aren’t you so tiny!? In addition to that I’m always running around and I don’t like cooking for one so my eating is the part of the equation that is off.

But fast-forwarding a little further into the future…My 6 week run of boot camp will sadly be over at the end of next week! (Bummer! Tiana and Kelly are so nice!)  This will free up my mornings – I could head to my gym (where they have showers – unlike at boot camp) and get in a work out before work.  This way my schedule wouldn’t really change much since beginning boot camp.  Volleyball (all three leagues) will continue until sometime in the spring – April maybe?  I forget.  So volleyball is not going anywhere any time soon! And I wouldn’t let it slip out of my life! I love it too much!  And lastly would be the running.  If I want to catch up on sleep and go to the gym after work before or after volleyball, I would remove running from the equation for the day.

If I can be honest, at this point, after a not great showing at Monster Dash, and how I have been feeling in my own skin, I’d much rather lift and build muscle (and lose weight) than go out and run 5 miles.  One of the things that I learned from Ann (that she learned from a trainer or dietitian) was that it’s impossible really really hard to lose weight while training for a long distance race (and in my mind that means running (only) in general).

Pondering life and some new goals

I’m not so hard-core that I would go run 5 miles then go to the gym and lift for an hour.  I used to run the 2 miles to the gym lift then run home, but my gym is 12 miles away now! 😦 I’m more likely to go to the gym run a mile on the dreadmil to warm up, then kick my butt for 45 minutes of lifting and do some ab work of sorts then call it a day.   If I go out and run 5 miles (that would be nearly an hour of my night), I’ll go home and that will be the work out for the day.  But in reality, there not much for weight loss happening on those days – and weight loss is what I need/want right now.

So my post Monster Dash plan of sorts was this  –
-Finish up boot camp – MWF (Last class 11/16)
-Once boot camp is done get back to getting my butt to the gym and actually lifting at least 4x a week!
-Continue with volleyball MTW
-Work Thursday nights (generally my rest day…who wants to work out after 13 hour day?)
-Maybe hit up a run with the gym run club on Saturday mornings
-Track my food and water daily…this tough for me, but it keeps me accountable, which is what I need!  If I can’t SEE what I’m doing and the effects, then I won’t know what do change!

This is quite possibly my very favorite picture from my July ’12 mountain trekking trip to visit Chris and Heidi! (Just throwing it in for kicks)

So this was my plan, this is what I was thinking  – more weight loss activity and actually paying attention to what I’m eating/drinking and how I’m feeling.  I went out and bought a scale.  I downloaded the water your body app on my phone, I also down loaded the fitness pal app on my phone.  So I have no excuse to not pay attention to what I have put into my body each day.

This was my break up with running/ new routine plan.  This is what I was going to do until the running group peer pressure reared it’s little head my way again! (I joke, I love being included and I love that I am a part of a great group of people!).

They got me on board with Commitment Day which sounds like an awesome deal.  I’ll explain that more in another post.  But for now I’ll focus on food and working out in a way that will result in smaller pants!!

Some motivational signs from the Boot camp at Red Rocks in Co- “You are much stronger than you think” and “strive for progress not perfection”

My ultimate goal is to get back to the weight/feeling like I felt back in October of 2008.  That means losing about 15 pounds …but really why not go for a nice round number like 20?  Or 25?  Well 15 is where I’m at for now.  But Tyra Banks weights what 162 or something close to that  We’re about the same height…it would be soo cool to say I weigh the same as a model!? Amazeballs.  I’ll feel on top of the world!

Much like I did in Co this summer!

So with that I am taking a break from running, from training for races for the short future anyway.  And I’ll leave you with a short montage of my favorite show! We were on a break!