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Well I’m writing this a few days prematurely as I got an email from one of the owners of Altman fitness this morning telling me that my 6 weeks of boot camp is over Friday! #wahwaaa 

I didn’t take any before pictures and I won’t have any after pictures.  I’m not really in the “after” phase, I’m still working.  In my last post I decided that I was going to work out a little differently and I spelled out my goals for the next few months, post boot camp and with a few less running miles and a lot more weigh lifting at the gym.

I did weigh myself before I started the bootcamp, but I haven’t stepped on the scale for oh…a week now?  I’m trying not to let a scale be a huge measuring tool for me…I much perfer my favorite pair of jeans!  I think I might be down maybe 5 #’s?  However, I can see that my back and arms are looking more toned and feeling stronger (yay!).  Also this morning actually, whilst doing a bijillion mountain climbers, I noticed that my legs were looking leaner.  Sweet!

Overall I feel that I got out of the 6 weeks of boot camp what I put in.  The first half was tricky but the second half was more solid.  Had I been able to go 110% for the full 6 weeks and had really eaten a solid healthy diet, I think I would see more changes by now.  But I made it through and I know I can keep going and keep acheiving better things for myself.

I’m not done yet.  Not for a while.  I was reading Ash’s post this morning about her kick ass win on her Elevated Crossfit challenge and she posted B&A pictues…so maybe I’ll do that too.  However, it is TBD if they actually make it on here though!  It will be good insentive over the holidays to put down the second cookie or extra mashed potatoes, when I think of the new goals for myself and “after picture, after picture, after picture”!

Speaking of goals…my birthday is coming up…in three weeks? (12/8 if you want to send gifts ;))  I’ve read that lots of people make goals for the next year of their life, not starting on new years but starting on their birthday.  Which seems really fitting! I mean we’re put on this earth on your birthday, that’s our own personal New Year’s!  So I’m going to make some goals for my 29th year.  I was contemplating 29 goals, but that seems like so many!  I’ll start thinking and let you all know how that goes!

Circling back to bootcamp…I give it a 10. 
I was dripping in sweat every work out. 
Music was fun. 
The owners/instructers were so nice and up beat!
The other people in the class were fun and encouraging.
Also I have to say it’s better than my gym bootcamp, where you can easily stop and talk for 5 minutes during the 1 hour class.  But in this bootcamp, you go go go!  There’s always time to talk after!  🙂

Some things I learned in the last 6 weeks…
If you’re sick, rest!  If not it will just last longer!
I am NOT a pre-5 am person.  I’m hoping to still work out in the AM at the gym. Because it’s a stellar feeling knowing that you’re done working out for the day by 7am!
I need to go to bed at a regular/scheduled bed time; instead of only going to be early on boot camp nights.  I would get all sorts of out of wack!
I am strong, but I still have a long road a head of me
Two-a-day work outs are tough
I need to eat more on two-a-day work out days.  Being fatigued it’s terrible for my house work, but great for catching up on the DVR.