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A few months ago I found out that one of my volleyball friends, Dan, bought a ton of stuff online – scuba gear, sno-cone machines and ice cream machines.  I LOVE ice cream. So much so I don’t actually keep it in the house all that often because it’s gone so quickly!  Anyway, he bought all of these things, kept a few then turned around to sell them on Ebay or Craigslist or something.  So I bought one for me, two for gifts in the middle of this past summer.  They are just little 1.5 quart machines but they’ve sat in my basement ever since I got them home (after a week of riding around in my trunk).  I guess I’ve been intimidated by them.  When I was little we used to have a similar set up but it was a manual maker that you had to sit a turn for hours (or so it felt) until you had actual ice cream.  I remember trying this, but I don’t actually remember eating any decent ice cream!IMG_20121117_100616

So this weekend I decided was the weekend to give it a go!  I wanted to bring homemade ice cream to my family’s Thanksgiving next week so my mom suggested that I whip up a test batch before hand.  My mom was pretty skeptical about the whole thing given our experiences when I was young.

Last weekend I once I settled on the kind of ice cream that I wanted to make – Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream (anyone who knows me knows I won’t turn down a Reese’s PB cup, EVER).  Then I did the shopping.   Yesterday I put the canister in the freezer and did my mixing. Eggs(pasteurized), cream, half and half, peanut butter, sugar, vanilla and I was off.  I mixed it all up and shoved it into the back of my refrigerator and waited.  Dan told me that it’s best to make sure the mix is thoroughly cold/ almost freezing before you start mixing, otherwise you end up with a milkshake! 

Before…during (20 minutes of mixing) …and after!

I waited an impatient few hours and decided enough was enough, I wanted to see this bad boy in action!  So in the mix went and I had to wait some more.  The recipe book says it will take anywhere from 5-30 minutes to get to ice cream like.  I was slightly impatient, I let it go for 25, should have gone longer, maybe 40? 

But it turned out! I put the canister in the freezer for about 10 min (it should not be in the freezer with ice cream in it for more than 30 min) to harden up a little and was perfect.  Scoop-able and delicious.  But holy Hannah it was RICH!  I probably should scale back on the coco powder next time and maybe use a little milk instead of so much cream, but it was really good.  I guess the good thing is that I can only eat about 2-3 spoonfuls before I feel like I’ve had an entire 1/2 gallon!


Buffalo Blizzard Maker – Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

1 cup heavy cream
1 cup half and half or milk (may do milk instead of half and half next time)
1 cup sugar
4 oz. egg substitute
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 – 2/3 baking coco (for taste) )I did nearly 2/3, half c. or less would be good I think)
1 cup peanut butter

1. Combine coco and sugar in a mixing bowl, processor, or blender and mix.
2. Blend in peanut butter and eggs.
3. Add cream, half and half, and vanilla.
4. Beat well and chill thoroughly.


I also have some frozen fruit for smoothies in my freezer and saw a recipe for a fruit sorbet so I am going to try that out tonight! There won’t be any cream involved this time so hopefully it will be less rich.

The recipe book also has recipes for frozen cocktails which I think I may be trying at my birthday party in a few weeks. I wanted a signature drink and I think I might have found it! 

For Thanksgiving I am going to try out the French Vanilla recipe so hopefully the fam will like that one, and I’m definitely going to go easy on the cream for that one. 

This weekend I also went to a U of M volleyball game which was pretty awesome! We played Nebraska and pulled out a W in 5 games! When we went to Big 10 where they had mystery beer for $1.50 and of course a lot of my group need to try it.  This was one of them.  2012-11-16_22-28-03_7132012-11-16_21-02-18_697

It was a fun weekend which plenty of relaxing and fun.  How was your weekend!?