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I really don’t know how to re-cap the whole year, so I’m going to try my best. To come up with this list, I literally went through the pictures on my phone to remember everything that I did in the last year. Seriously! I went on trips, I ran, I raced, I softballed, I volleyballed. I lived! I did some great things that I’ll never forget!

I went on an amazing vacation to Jamaica with 15 of volleyball friends for a week of fun, volleyball, and amazing memories!

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I got to see Heidi three times throughout the year – in March for the Get lucky 7k. In April for her 2nd half marathon, and my 5th half marathon where we both PR’d huge, and in July when I went to Colorado to visit her and Chris for a few days.2012-03-17_10-54-11_681

I trained (well) for and PR’d at the Fargo half marathon in April and even got my good friend Katie into running and we ran her first 5k together! I also met a few bloggers/twitter friends there two. I don’t know if I’ll forget the story of “meeting” Jen. We just happened to drive up to Fargo right along side each other and I walked past her taking a picture at a rest stop, and once she posted it on twitter I knew that was her! So awkward, but still funny!

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I participated in my first ever RW Runstreak and made it go an extra month or so until after my CO trip to visit Heidi!

I went to Colorado, which needs it’s own line because it was so great (mostly due to the world class tour guide!) I met a bunch of awesome friends out in CO that I hope to visit again soon! (ahem…drop your drawer’s 2013 anyone!?)

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I spent my summer at the softball fields, volleyball courts with the fam, and out on the roads/trails/treadmill (continuring my streak) running!  I even joined the lifetime run club!

2012-08-04_09-16-42_50   2012-07-04_17-15-04_151 2012-07-04_19-57-22_136 2012-05-31_22-02-14_326

I did my first ever Warrior Dash and Mudman races.


I spent lots of time with friends and reconnected with old college friends and met a new Utah friend!

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2012-08-11_06-57-24_777 2012-04-13_21-28-36_402 2012-09-02_23-16-00_857

Played in my second Victor bravo tournament with my amazing volleyball friends! 2012-08-11_22-10-19_738

I became a godmother to a very special little boy named Skyler Lee!


Spent a week up north with my family fishing, swimming and just relaxing. 2012-08-24_11-09-32_693 2012-08-19_09-32-52_393 2012-08-19_18-03-23_892  2012-08-20_20-20-32_772 2012-08-21_19-42-14_299 2012-08-19_12-09-45_797-1


Enjoyed the state fair with my sister and B.


I ran another half marathon in September where I PR’ed again!2012-09-01_07-40-29_640

2012-09-01_06-35-21_69Cheered on friends and strangers at the Twin Cities Marathon.


  Ran my 3rd half marathon of the year (7th ever)


Bought myself a new garmin!


It’s been a beautiful year!2012-01-02_10-05-04_559    2012-12-22_00-42-45_335

Oh yea, I also started this blog to keep track of all of those things!!2012-01-04_21-48-01_196

I’m so excited for 2013!