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A while ago I mentioned that I have signed up for the Lifetime Fitness Commitment day 5k. This is a 5k on New Year’s Day. You may be thinking that running a race on NYD is to start off the year right, and commit to a year of health. Yes, that’s part of it, but for my run club group at my gym it was a commitment to training for the 5k for the 8 weeks, or so leading up to race day.

My run club got a new running coach named Joyce who is also a CC/track coach, marathoner and tri-athlete. She’s kind of a rock star. She put together an 8 week training plan for everyone who had committed to the 5k on NYD. Unfortunately, I was still committed to volleyball (MTW) and working a second job on Thursday nights which did not leave much time for me to join in on the trainings at the gym on Tuesday and Thursday nights. When my volleyball schedule would allow I would hit up a session here and there but I didn’t get out of the last 8 weeks what the other people in the group have. Bonus – Jonnie (run club lead) emailed out the training plans each week so I have them for my own personal use for another 5k or just to use when ever I want!

I got my swag the Saturday before the race at the gym from Jonnie – we got this grey T shirt and a journal. I think I’m going to really try to use the journal. I already use an app to track my food/water/work outs, but I got this journal for 2013 for free (sort of) so why not put it to use!


I know I’m not going to be PR’ing at this race, but that’s fine with me! I’ve been concentrating lately on me, food, and family and getting over the last few bouts of sickness. So I haven’t had much mileage on these old legs of mine. But it will be three miles of fun with my friends and run club! Also, work has sort of sucked the lifeblood out of me over the last few weeks! This is life as an accountant at year end! Thankfully it will all calm down the middle/end of January! Bonus – I am getting some new/bigger responsibilities = promotion? Maaaaybe!