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What a nice long weekend! Today was definitely tough to go back to the office! Thankfully when I left on Wednesday I left my desk neat and tidy and got done what I really needed to so I could fully enjoy the holiday weekend!

Since I got to leave work early on Wednesday I headed to the gym early to get in a quick work out. When I was leaving, Jonnie (one of the run club peeps) told me about the brick work out that they were doing on Thursday morning. It was made of 30 spin – 20 run – 30 min spin. I’ve never done one before so I figured why not!

Thankfully my running buddy Linda got to the gym earlier than I did and scored us two bikes near each other, the class was packed! I guess lots of people wanted to get a jump on burning extra calories before self-educing their food-comas! I had only taken two or three spin classes at my old gym before; I really liked them so I was excited to try it again! Brian was our instructor and he was great! He even came over and help me fit my bike just right! I was so thankful, because I seriously have NO idea how you should feel or where everything should be when you’re biking!

For this special workout the even set up a big projector so we could watch a cycling moving that went along with our work out! It was set on the PCH and it was so to feel like you were there and Brian did a great job of coordinating the work out with the route!

I’m not going to lie; the first part of the spin was tough! I was a sweaty beast! But I got off the bike and felt pretty good until I had to go up the stairs to the treadmills that Jonnie had reserved for us. That was tricky! Jonnie had set up a speaker and Ipod which was blasting AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. I love that song so much. It reminds me of college, we would have a drinking game centered on that song. Every time “thunder” was said you have to drink…it’s a long song, but a fun game! I started out on the treadmill slow but got up to my 10 min/mi pace toward the end, even sprinted a bit just because. WOO!

We went back down stairs for another 30 of the spin class with Brian. That was tough again. We wrapped up with a little stretching and we were done. My legs felt like jello. J-E-L-L-OOOOH! I got my smoothie after and once I got up from my chair, I knew the rest of the day was going to be tough. I was already getting sore! Thankfully I didn’t have any other plans for the rest of the day!

That way my Thanksgiving Day: gym, quality couch time, a few errands and some housework.

When I left the gym on Thursday Jonnie of course had to tell me about the sampler class they were doing on Friday – 20 minutes of each of the three TEAM classes (bootcamp/fitness/weightloss). So Friday morning I found myself back at the gym sorer than I was when I left on Thursday.

I started out with boot camp which I’ve taken before, so I knew it was tough. The first thing to come out of Vernon’s (the instructor) mouth was 100 squats, and then I knew I was really done for. I did 100 squats while my partner did walked lunges until I was done. Then there were push ups, while she did sprints and burpees (2x), then more walking lunges. My legs were screaming! And then our 20 minutes were up!

Next was team weight loss which was stations with machines – more weight lifting and less cardio. It was my kind of situation! Finally was team fitness- this was more heart rate zone focused and things like that. (I may have the last two swapped…)

Since it was black Friday the gym had lots of deals on their classes, supplements and gear. I’ve been eyeing up a Garmin since I foever but I’ve never been able to get up the courage to spend the money! But I did it with a little encouragement from Nick, Linda, Brittany, and Barb. Introducing my new baby – the garmin Forerunner 210! It was the only black Friday shopping that I did that day, and it was all for me! I also bought some protein for smoothies but only because it was 20% off! Yay deals!2012-11-23_12-23-31_289

Friday evening was my immediate family’s thanksgiving dinner + one aunt and her family. I had to get to the grocery store for a few last minute items then I headed home make some AMAZING homemade vanilla ice cream! It turned out sooo well!! It was much better than my chocolate peanut butter batch! I’ll post the recipe soon. 

I pulled out my Christmas things, but didn’t have energy to set everything up before heading over to my parents’ house for dinner. So they sat on the floor for a while after I moved the furniture out of the way, which took some leg work (ouch!)

I had dinner with the fam and my ice cream went over great! My 13 year old cousin who doesn’t eat anything tried my ice cream, but then lied to me when I asked him if he liked it. He ended up throwing it away, but telling me that he liked it. Don’t worry, I busted him! J But he covered by saying “don’t worry; I don’t like a lot of food”. Haha!2012-11-23_20-13-40_387

I think the highlight of the night was when my 22 year old cousin Erik came in (he’s in the US Army and just came home from his first tour in Iraq this spring) and my 4 year old nephew Brockton ran up to him and said “guess what? I’m going to be a soldier like you when I grow up. I’m going to go where you went.” I only wished I had a camera or video rolling. I think I was grinning ear to ear. B knows all about soldier Erik from my mom and sister. The whole family is very very proud of him!! I know grandpa and grandma would be really proud of him too!


After some living room wrestling between my cousin and uncle, some bonding with my Cousin Paige’s new boyfriend, and a second helping of my aunts apple crisp with my ice cream, it was time for me to go home and get to bed! After all Saturday is run club day!