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I have just wrapped up my 3rd and final Christmas of 2012! We always have three Christmases so I am use to this all by now!

The first was with my mom’s side of the family. She’s got 6 brothers and sisters, and since my grandma passed away about 5 years ago she has taken on the Weckman Christmas festivities.We have lunch/grazing at my parent’s house for a couple of hours. Thankfully most of my aunts and uncles live in their/my home town!

My mom and two of her brothers still live in their/my hometown. Their three houses are less than 10 miles apart from each other! However we only see each other once or twice a year. Kind of sad huh? Oh well!IMG_20121216_133133

Any who, so most of the siblings made it over. Even my aunt and uncle who live about 5 hours away. They are the ones that let me and my friends crash at their second home in Two Harbor’s when we all ran the Grandma’s marathon back in 2009. My uncle Jim always asks when I’m going to come back. I’ll have to do that soon!


My aunt and uncle who live in NC and aunt an uncle who live a few towns away were the only one who didn’t make it. BUT – I will get to see the fam in NC at the end of Feb because I signed up for a half marathon in NC in their home town! More on that later!

So we hung out at ate and caught up with my aunts and uncles. They told me about my cousin’s weddings and babies and all of that. (I have 15 cousins on this side of my family!) There is a lot of stuff going on with everyone and it’s hard to keep up with it all!2012-12-16_17-52-39_584

Christmas number two was on Christmas day and consisted of just my family for the first part. We opened presents after little E had his nap and before we could get through everything my aunt/uncle cousins showed up for dinner! We had dinner and tried to get back to the present opening but it was a little tough with the addition 7 people in our small living room (that made for 16 total!)! B got a little feisty with his present opening, and everything that wasn’t a toy was no good to him! I guess that happens with a 4 year old! I’m sure I was like that too!

We got through the presents and dinner and dessert and it was a good night! B got a lot of toys that he wanted, including TWO nerf guns! My younger sister got him one that is for ages 8+, I think that one might get put away for a while… E got the tractors that he has been wanting for a while too! And we all enjoyed his Santa impersonation!

My family got me a lot of things! I got some new running tights, three shirts and 13 pairs of socks! I also got a new mouse and a floor/desk mat for my office chair (added to the ease of which I can write/blog! ;)). My dad got all three of us girls these sweet gopher sweatshirts so we all match. But he mistakenly got my older sister a zip-up hoodie which isn’t like my younger sister’s and mine. Oh well! The old man tried!

After a short week at work we had Christmas #3 on Saturday with my dad’s side of the family. My dad also had 6 siblings, but we are unable to spend the holidays or any great amount of time with several of them. Two of my dad’s siblings passed away before I was born (while he was still quite young actually), and one passed away when I was young. My dad youngest brother Jeff and his wife Mary + their fam and my dad’s sister in-law are the only family on his side that live in MN, so they are the one’s we see most often. My dad’s other brother lives in Chicago, and his older sister lives in California with her family.

Our Shaner Christmas is slightly smaller than the Weckman Christmas, but we still ended up with a full house! My younger sister’s boyfriend, and his two kids came, so there were now 4 kids running around which was nice because they were off in my old bedroom playing with their toys and entertaining themselves, while, the adults (read: me) got to spend time coo-ing over baby Madison!! My cousin Karie just gave birth to her first child on 12/15! She’s the cutest! E was very interested in the new baby and wanted to hold her right away! How cute is this!!


We actually got to hold off the present opening for quite a long time! I was very surprised given the extra 3 and 7 year-olds that we had in the house! Between sledding down the hills in my parents’ yard, and a movie and lunch, it was pretty late in the afternoon by the time we got to presents!IMG_20121229_152707

My aunt Mary made pies for dessert, and normally I request that she make her homemade ice cream each Christmas to go with the pies, but this year since I had my very own ice cream maker, I whipped up a batch for us! It was a hit, and apparently I have now relieved Mary of her ice cream making duties…not sure if that’s good or bad! J2012-12-29_12-15-50_399

When we got to presents my mom made the little ones wait and we let the oldest person in the room open, and went down by age from there. We all draw names and exchange gifts. I got my aunt Mary and she got me! She gave me a target gift card aka new running gear and I got her a giftcard from a store that she requested.

After a long day I said my goodbyes and got a big hug and a couple of kisses from E and nucks from B.

It was a very fun couple of weeks of friends and family and food, but I’m looking forward to getting back to normal and a little more slow paced life. Volleyball will start up again here next week, and half marathon training is fully underway!

Goodbye 2012, you were a challenging and fun year!

Bring it on 2013!