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Do I have a new recurring thing with rhyming?  I’m not really sure…I guess I’m a poet and didn’t know it?  (yes, I rolled my eyes at that too)

Well run numero uno of 2013 is under my belt and it’s a good thing too, because the weather, and my performance were pretty sub-par.  The good thing?  Things can only get better from here!  I can only get faster and the temperatures can only get warmer!2013-01-01_08-13-34_524This was my commitment…? I really want to break 2:30 for a half this year.

The Lifetime Commitment Day 5k was on Tuesday, New Years day.  I looked at the temperature for race day on Monday night and it looked like a high of 10*. OK, I guess that’s fine, it ‘s January in Minnesota after all!IMG_20130101_075520

Thankfully, my aunt gave me a gift card for Target gift card for Christmas. I promptly turned it into a pair of running tights that are lined with fleece (or something like that, anyway they were warmer than my other tights) and a long sleeve mock turtle neck shirt which was also fleece-ish lined.  Thank you C9!  I think those two things along with my other layers (3 on the bottom, 4 on top) kept me from dying out in the tundra!2013-01-01_09-39-12_884

I didn’t pick up my race bib before race day so my friend Crystal and I headed out early to get to the Dome before the crowd and get our bib.  What we didn’t realize is that on NYD there is NO ONE out in downtown Minneapolis. No one.  Since most of my races have been on busy summer days, I’m used to getting to the race an hour or so early to allow for traffic, parking, ect.  This time, we could have gotten there at 9 and been just fine (race time was 10am).  We left my house at about 7:15 and were parking the car at about 7:50.  What the hell were we thinking!  Live and learn.

commitment dayWe got our picture taken professionally – pre freezing our butts off!

Luckily the Metrodome was open and we could get in and be warm for the next two hours.  We walked around the dome (3+ times – our warm up, if you will), then decided we’d go sit down in the stands until the other Savage Lifetime peeps showed up.  Crystal and I set up the banner for our gym while we waited.FB_IMG_13570516545241184

Slowly my run club started to trickle in and it was just about race time.  I was nervous about the race because I hadn’t really done much running in December, like less than 20 miles in the whole month. For reals.

Lucky for me we all had to start out slow because all of the walkers and runners started out together.  Needless to say there was a lot of bobbing and weaving in the first mile or so.  Thanks to my handy dandy new Garmin that I bought on Black Friday i can tell you that it took quite a while for us to out of the 12 minute mile pace.  I remember looking down just as I saw the 1 mile banner and we were at at 10:30 pace (fine by me!) and completed the first mile in about 11:10.  I was getting flashbacks from the Fargo 5k in April where we were bobbing and weaving between walkers, even in the last two blocks!  I hoped it would thin out a bit soon!

It got a little better in the second mile and better still as we rounded the last block towards the last .3.  I was going slow and I didn’t really care, because I was still running!.  There were a few points when I really wanted to walk (I know, I know, I’m a sally!) because there were so many other people that stopped to walk.  But I am proud to say I did not walk.  I ran, and weaved, I skipped and I shuffled, but I did not walk.

We rounded the corner to the finish and I started picking off people one by one, first the old guy, then the chick trying to stay with her man-friend, then the two ladies.  At one point I looked down and sat 7:XX, no freaking way.  I think the GPS must have been screwed up, because the next time I looked down it was 9:20, that was more like it. Can’t I run a 9:20 all the time?

I sprinted out the finish and wanted to puke after, cool right?  Meh.  It passed after a minute or two.  There were so many people with frosty hats and faces and beards from the cold!  It was funny and I wondered what I looked like, but turns, out I didn’t sweat enough? I wasn’t Ms. Frosty, I left that for Crystal!2013-01-01_10-41-49_392

The race wasn’t chip timed or anything like that, so i crossed the finish found Crystal and some other run club peeps, took my traditional finish line pic (sans Heidi) and we went on our merry way back to the warm Dome.2013-01-01_10-41-35_696

We collected our t shirts, journals, and bags, as well as a few bottles of Gatorade and headed home.

The temperature when the race started was 0 but felt like -10, and my finish time was about 35 minutes.  My 2nd worst 5k time ever.  So I can only get better from here right?  No where to go but up.2013-01-01_11-37-40_497

The Crystal Crystal Coast Half Marathon is coming up quicker than I had anticipated.  I think I should have started training 3-4 weeks ago.  Whoops.  Time to kick it up.  Oh, side note – my mom sent me a text earlier this week: “I’m going to NC”.  Turns out she found my same flights for the same price I paid and booked it!  Now I’ll have a cheering section of 3!

Me mom and SueAunt Sue, Mom, and me @ the cabin 4th of July, the last time Sue and Joe visited!

You know what the gnome says – never roam alone.