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Clearly this isn’t my first post on this blog, but it is however, my first blog post on this blog from my very own computer in my very own office in my very own home on my very own internets!  No more need for blogging at my parent’s house, or at the Country Club that I work at, because I can do it all from my home now!!


HI hi hiiii!!

I’m just a baby bit excited to be writing today, can you tell?!  For the last 6 or so months I have been failing at working on getting the internets installed in my house for a cheap as possible. 

Well today was finally the day!! WOO!  It was supposed to be months ago but, due to my HOA bylaws I can only have one dish, on my roof which cancelled out the idea of satellite internets.  Then I decided to scrap Dish Network (good by DVR, I will miss you) and go for Comcast for just internets and get Netfilx to supplement my over the air channels.  Well the Comcast guy convinced me to go for a TV/Internet package that is still cheaper than my old TV package, so that meant moving my install date from last week to today.

So now I have downloaded livewritter, installed my garmin stuff to upload my runs (just intime for marathon training in a few months!), and that’s all I really have time for now because I have to go out and run some errands before the Super Bowl starts! 



There are some things that are floating around in my head that I will blog about but I need to make a list (hello type A):

-I’m running the Chicago marathon 2013

-I have a half marathon in North Carolina in 20 days!

-I’m going to Denver again to visit Heidi, and Chris, and hopefully to hang out with Lynne, Kristin, Tiffany, Lena, Corrie, Heather and some of the other cool chicks that I met when I was out there last summer!

-I am currently on day 7 of the advocare 24 day challenge.  I am using this to jump start a pretty significant weight loss goal that I’d like to accomplish by the time I have to start training for the marathon!  EEK!



Ok that’s all I have time for! See you soon!!