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For all of my 11.5 miles yesterday I was thinking about how much Minnesota winters and android weather apps suck!  My weather app told me that it was supposed to be about 35 degrees and sunny by about 11 am Saturday afternoon.  But was it?  No, of course not!  It was overcast, and windy and like 30 degrees (but felt like 16) awesome!

Two weeks from yesterday I will be running my 8th half marathon, and first in 2013 and let me tell you, training for a half marathon during a Minnesota winter it just about one of the hardest things I’ve attempted lately.  Physically, not so much, I mean I’ve don’t enough half marathons before; I know what I’m getting into.  But mentally preparing myself for the cold and snow and wind is another story!  It so much easier to skip a run in the winter because it’s cold and dark and icy outside!  I know, I know, I could run on the dreadmill, but I seriously hate them.  I have not ran more than 6 miles on one, ever. Thankfully my run club at the gym still meets every Saturday morning for runs, and sometimes they are outside!

(NOTE: At the minute I’m about to hit publish it is currently 53 degrees and Sunny in Moorehead City, North Carolina.  Can I start packing now!?)Ready

So back to yesterday, since my lying weather app told me that it was supposed to be so nice out I decided that I’d venture up to Minneapolis to run the lakes (it is my blog’s namesake after all! Thanks Heidi!)  The three lakes are about 9 miles, then depending on where you start/finish/park your car you can easily make up the last two miles.  I did that for sure!

I go out of the car and it was freezing!  But the wind wasn’t as bad as it was when I left home so I was thankful for that!  I immediately had to use the bathroom, but of course the little shop by the lake was all locked up so I had to high-tail it over to another lake where I knew there were some biffy’s.  I ran my usual way over to the lake and it was snow covered, not plowed at all.  Great, this is the way my morning is starting out? Super.  Thankfully that only lasted a short time and by the time I got to the actual lake trail we were good to go!

I made it half way around and walked, then the wind got fierce around the south side of the lake, and I cried, well I had tears due to the wind anyway!  I got all turned around because I went backwards from my usual way, and winter snow changes everything!  So between running and walking I made the first 3.5 miles in about 38 minutes. Not the worse thing in the world.  Then it was on to lake number two!  But before I started that one there was all of this!


There were all these snow carvings (?) for the Minnesota Winter Carnival just sitting there! So of course I had to wander a bit an snap a few pics.  The old timey camera was pretty cool!

So lake two, the worse one.  The north east side of the lake (which I ran down twice) SUCKED!  The wind was blowing in my face just the second I stepped on the path.  There were a surprising number of people out running, who were all crazy like me!  There were even people out with huge kites  – “kite skiing” on the lakes?  Not sure if that’s really what you’d call it, but if it were the summer they would be kite surfing on the water, so I’ll go with it!

This is lake two.  It was as miserable as it looks.calhoun

Because of where I parked my car, and where I started at this lake I made it around the lake about 1.5 times.  With another potty break in between (seriously something is way wrong with my stomach, even now! :/ ) and an SOS out to anyone who was possibly paying attention to my tweets.  Thanks to Kat and Miss Angela (who I have not yet to meet by the by!) for their encouraging words!

Amy Shaner@AmyMarie58

#sos 5.5 miles in and my heart and head are feeling defeated. #needmotivation. #winterrunning #helpasisterout


@AmyMarie58 Keep moving! And think of the hardest miles you have ever run.


@kljwm @amymarie58 LOVVVVE THAT Kat!!


@AmyMarie58 @kljwm I was running with you in spirit. I’m tired of winter. Tired of unplowed trails. But they give us nice butts.


Well I made it around the lake again, and again the same area with the wind in my face and I felt sad and defeated, but kept moving.  After all forward is a pace right!?

Then lake 2.5 was done.  I moved on to lake #3 and the wind was worse!!  I made it about 1.5 mile around then turned back thinking I would have clocked it correctly to get exactly 11 miles back to my car.  Well no.  I hit 11 miles, then had almost a mile walk back to my car, but I stopped Garmin at 11.25, so I dont’t know the exact distance of the “cool/freeze down”.

I made it back to the car, ate my apple and drank my water. And felt like this… defeated, deflated, tired and exhausted. and Cold!


I made it home, cleaned up and ate and ran my errands and stopped in my tracks in Target when I saw this:


I think this will be a soon purchase and new decoration for my bedroom, or living room.  Anyway I think it really belongs in my house.  It hit me right in the heart right when I need to see something like this! 

Thing don’t always make sense, but everything happens for a reason, and everything happens the way it’s supposed to.

I think I need this as a daily reminder. 

Maybe I’ll have to return the set of three frying pans to Kohl’s that I bought yesterday and use the money to pick this up at Target instead!

And just for randomness…they have torn down all of the woods across the highway from my house around this old house and barn, and it looks really sad now. 😦  I think that house is going to be demoed soon.  I bet they’re going to put up a bank…ugh  The three other corners of the intersection have a CVS, Holiday and a Subway.  What is happening to my little hometown!?

Tear down