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Tomorrow is my nephew’s 5th Birthday!! I can’t believe he’s going to be FIVE!  I still remember the day he was born! I high-tailed it out of work a little early to go visit my sister and the new babe in the hospital. 


He was a BIG baby! Over 9lbs, way to go Jen!

Today we celebrated his birthday with the whole crew (minus my younger sister) at Sky Zone which was awesome! My BIL’s brother brought his GoPro and I’m sure there will be some footage on youtube soon.  B wore the camera on his chest, but that only lasted about 20 minutes and then it was gone.

This is my favorite picture of my sister and B the day they came home. 


Avenger’s cake!!2013-02-10_11-22-54_590  2013-02-10_10-35-18_545 2013-02-10_10-47-23_736 

Cousins: Easton, Brockton, Kinley, and Morrison (baby cousin Owen not pictured).  They had so much fun jumping around! I think they’ll all take good naps today!2013-02-10_10-53-53_663

Happy 5th birthday Brockton!!

Love you lots!

Auntie Amy