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I was raised Catholic, went to Church on Sundays with my mom (my dad isn’t catholic, so he got to skip Church except for Holidays) and sisters (most of my extended family was also there, because most of us all lived in our home town), had first communion, and went through confirmation. But as I grew up, towards the end of high school, mom made us go to Church less and less, then in college I only went for the big holidays when I was home from school, and now after I rarely go.  That’s enough talk about how I am a heathen… 🙂 (I’m really not, I’m a good person, I swear it)

Any who, on to Lent! Even thought I don’t go to Church as much as I should, I still try think of something good that I can give up during Lent.  Lent starts today on Ash Wednesday.  Normally if I were back in middle school, we would have gone to Church today and gotten the sign of the cross on our foreheads with ashes.  And if you ran around after church running errands, you’d see people all over the place with ashes on their heads.  But that was when I was young and there were about 5,000 less people in my hometown…ah memories!

Some people give up alcohol…but I don’t drink often at all anyway.

I’ve given up chocolate…but again, I don’t eat it all that much (except for the last few months since I bought a few bags to fill up a candy bowl next to my couch for the holidays! I’m about ready to throw it all out, because now I just mindlessly eat it whilst watching TV!)

Some things I do love include chips…watching TV in bed…baked goods…and ice cream.  This is what I think I am going to give up.

I have been on my Advocare 24 day challenge for the last …oh 12-13 days or so? (I’ve lost track, but I still have the suplements and shakes so I know I’m still going.)  Since I have been on this challenge I have been really trying to watch what I eat, except for a few slips: pizza, cake and ice cream for my nephew’s birthday, and 2 left over baked goods that my friend Kat made for the Super Bowl that I ate after my not so great 11 miler.  Other than those things I’ve been doing pretty well (not nearly enough veggies though…oops).  No alcohol and little to no bread or dairy and drinking 100+ oz. of water per day.

So this is what I’m giving up! The baked goods should be ok…hopefully! avoiding them all at work will be the hardest part because people ALWAYS bring in treats.  Also I just know that since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day they will pass out cupcakes for us.  Hopefully they’ll just put them in the cafes (out of sight, out of mind right!?) and not right on my desk!  Also, this Friday I am going to a pampered Chef party at my friend Kim’s home.  She’s known for her treats and goodies.  I’ll be strong!  I was a few weeks ago when there were lots of treats and drinks at two post volleyball hang outs and I only had a few peanuts! 

Ice cream and chips shouldn’t be too hard, if it’s not in my house it’s pretty easy for me not to eat it, so I guess I just shouldn’t even go down those aisles in the grocery store!  Plus I haven’t had either (except for a small amount of ice cream at the birthday) in the last few weeks or so.

As far as the watching TV my bedroom, I’m going to miss that!  I would watch Friends or How I met your mother every night before I’d go to bed.  But in reality I would stay up far too late watching TV for no good reason!  The TV will stay there (let’s be honest, I’m just too lazy to move it) and I’ll just unplug it.  I am hoping that I will go to bed earlier and be able to get up earlier.  Hopefully this will be a habit that will last more than just the duration of Lent.  We shall see!  My one exception is that I am allowing myself to do any work out DVD’s, but that is it for TV action in my room!

Hopefully these few things will help me towards my weight loss/running goals as well as not being so dang crabby from lack of sleep here and there. (if you don’t know me in real life, FYI…I am craaaabby on little to no sleep! ha!).  I still want to lose 20 pounds or so before I start training for the CHICAGO MARATHON(!!!) in June.  EEK!  Since I’ve started the advocare challenge I’m down about 6-7 pounds. 

Here’s to the next 40 days! Cheeyas (only Anna will get that one!)