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I’m crazy.  I’m impulsive. I’m easily persuaded. I’m surrounded by runner friends. I’m a runner.  I’m registered for the CHICAGO freaking MARATHON!!

Back in October when my friend Linda told me she was going to run the Chicago marathon with her friend Jamie, I thought, “well good luck to you lady, I’m out”!  I did not want to go through another summer of not really training to have my inaugural marathon experience almost be cancelled due to heat!

(Let’s take you back to my first marathon –  Grandma’s Marathon 2009: 90 degrees, 70% humidity and not a cloud in the sky for all of my 26.2 miles!  I barely made it the first 5 miles with out walking.  It was disappointing to say the least, but in the end I got what I paid for, and what I got was a finishing time of 6:15 and a sweet tan line!.  2013 Goal: 5:45.  The key for me is getting out there any doing the training, I know this now, but I have to make it happen for myself!)Sweet Tanline
Check out this sweet sweet tan line! The pic below is about 15 minutes later…Stick a fork in me I am D-U-N!Not a good look   
I couldn’t didn’t want to walk the mile back to Heidi’s car, so I laid down behind bar…perfectly normal…  The BF at the time decided this is when I was most photogenic, I disagree.That's BetterI did it! Woo4790_608964264166_1761092_n Hedi and her bestest sign ever!

But back to now…I kept thinking about it and kept hearing that some other blogger ladies that ran the TC Marathon last fall were all going to run Chicago too!  It all convinced me.  I should do it.  Heidi did amaze-balls at her redemption marathon last year in Fargo!  I could do just as good for myself!  I would have people to hang out with. 

Peer pressure (in the best way) got to me and I figured that I should.  I wanted to.  So today at noon I tried to register…try being the key word.  I tried every little while for about 3 hours (which is not good for productivity during my 2 day work week this week…)  Finally at about 3pm I got registered! Lucky me, lots of other people were not so lucky including my friend Linda and Julia! 😦  The website now says that there are 15,000 spots left (out of 45,000!) and they will re-open registration on Thursday night. YIKES! How nerve racking!!

I am glad that I got in, I am hopefully that all of my friends who want to get in will! Come Thursday at 5 there will be LOTS of traffic on the Chicago Marathon website!