There is no other option for a title for this post.  I debated writing this, I debated posting this, but I’m just going to do it.

This is the story of my life…

My night last night can be summed up with four little words that awkward moment when…

I went out with a few girlfriends for a ladies night out at a local bar to see a band.  Well I get there and a person from high school who I’ve not spoken to in 12-13 years (I graduated 10.5 years ago) (who added me as a friend recently, then messaged me on the Facebook asking if I were going to see the band) was sitting right by the front door when I got there. Awkward.  Then he comes over to talk to me.  I have nothing to say to you. Odd and awkward.

Then we grab a drink and wander around until the band starts.  In the midst of wondering I see a fellow that I had dated, for a bit. (we met at the same bar 3 months ago when the same band had played)  He was a cool guy for the short time that I knew him so I didn’t think it’d be awkward.  Then it got real awkward.  Turned his back when he saw me at first, no eye contact, and he walked right by with out so much as saying hello or the giving me the cool “whats up” head nod.  Nothing. Awkward. So much for thinking he was a stand-up guy.

Then my ex-boyfriend’s (not the guy above) ex-wife pulls me aside to basically tell me she feels like I thought she was a big B-word/terrible person because she thought our ex told me all sorts of crap about her when we were together…blah blah blah.  He didn’t really, not anything that I can actually remember. I dated him for 2 years almost 2 years ago. I don’t want to talk about him, think about him or see him.  The guy lied…cheated…blah blah.  So awkward, and depressing to be completely honest.  It’s a great idea to rehash a terrible relationship with someone you barely know in a bar at 12am. (the ex, ex-wife and I all went to high school together a few years apart. awkward!)

This is what I get for living in a small town, in my hometown.  I need to get out.  Maybe I’ll move to South Carolina, or North Carolina, or Georgia, or maybe just a good 20 miles away.  Anyone want to buy a townhome… My aunt and uncle got me thinking about moving south when I visited last week. I’m thinking about it.