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I made it! Half marathon numero ocho is complete!  I was looking at the forecast for Morehead City for the week or so leading up to me leaving for vacation and as soon as Saturday was with in range, it called for rain!  First 50% then 60% then %90, then 100% chance of rain! Boo!

(Edit/Update: I just read on facebook that there were only 337 people who actaully ran the half marathon, but I recall my aunt saying that the paper in NC said almost 600 people registered…whoa. I think I look pretty tough compared to the rest! Commitment day in the 0 degrees, Grandmas in 90 degress and then this half in the rain.  I can do anything!)

Saturday I got up and raining!  Great way to start out the day right!?  Well thankfully for me the start line was literally about 200 yards from my aunt and uncle’s home, so I didn’t have to get going until about 7:45! (But I got up at 6am anyway…there are so many things to do…eat, drink, poop, dress).

This picture was from Thursday afternoon.  You can see THE BRIDGE as well as the blue sign for The Sanitary (just above the light pole almost dead center).  This is how close I was to the  start! Too bad the race couldn’t have been like this!!2013-02-21_13-56-27_841We headed over to the Sanitary for the start line and hung out for a bit, I used the biffs again, and waited for the start.  The crowd running was small.  Like really small for a half marathon, maybe 600 people.  My aunt told me that most of the locals probably backed out of the run due to the rain.  Apparently us Minnesotans are pretty tough, because it wasn’t bad for me at all really.

 THE BRIDGE from my run on Friday afternoon.  See weather just got worse…but then Sunday was 60 and gorgeous!2013-02-22_10-25-25_716 

On a mission to find the biff…yea I said it. All race course photos are courtesy of my Aunt!DSC_0135

We started off and I started slow.  Really slow, like about a 10:30/11 pace.  I didn’t want to burn out especially with my aunt and mom tailing me and taking pictures!  It was a good idea.  It was sort of easy. 

DSC_0143 Do you see me!? Where’s waldo styles! I’m on the sidewalk above.


I was really really worried because of my 11 miler that was just awful, and my 12 miler that was cut about in half, during my training cycle for this race!  I went out and did a 3 miler down the coast the day before and discovered my beloved Saucony’s had torn in the heal and created a blister problem for me!  Duct tape to the rescue thanks to Kat and Annie!!

The course was a 3 mile loop on the Morehead City side, through the start/finish, then across THE BRIDGE then and out and back to Fort Macon on the Atlantic Beach side, back over THE BRIDGE and a mile down the main drag to the finish.

I didn’t bring any rain gear with because, well, I don’t have any.  Aside from possibly a hefty bag for an impromptu poncho.  But I didn’t want to go that far.  My uncle gave me one of his golf jackets that was sort of water proof.  So I wore that but by mile 1 I was hot! It was about 55 degrees after all! I had a long sleeve, t-shirt, jacket and my uncles jacket on.  So I stripped off the monster Dash jacket and when I saw my aunt and mom at mile 3 I tossed over my jacket and kept truckin.

Costume change #1.  I was telling my mom to come closer because there was a HUGE puddle between us and I didn’t want her to drop the only jacket I brought with on vacation.  (She doesn’t have my stellar athletic abilities…ha!)DSC_0153

Then came the bridge, it really wasn’t so bad.  In fact I passed three people going up that sucker! Yes!  The night before my uncle told me how in high school his CC coach (who also happened to by my high school gym teacher – yay Kugs!!) told him to always “pass ‘em on the hills! If you pass ‘em on the hills they’ll never catch you!”.  So I did.  I passed them, and only one woman caught me, but I eventually passed her and beat her to the finish! Woop!

My aunt and mom said they’d meet me on the other side of the bridge but I never saw them.  Oh well.  I was too quick for them! 🙂  They caught me coming back though. 

They found me!  Mile 11, looking up at THE BRIDGE.  Also, I passed the guy in the blue in front of me. #Yeahbuddy.DSC_0159DSC_0157
Mom waiting for me.

  There I go up the effin bridge again.  The second time was tough peeps! I may or may have walked up that sucker.DSC_0163 DSC_0172 DSC_0175 DSC_0176 Edited  Costume change #2…on the far side of the bridge I told my aunt I was getting cold (I was SOAKED for realz) so when I saw them on the finish line side she gave me her yellow slicker.  I was telling here that I felt like the Gorden’s Fisherman.  I did!  Also, notice the Minnesota shirt! Hell ya!

It was about at this point when I mentally gave up the idea of a PR.  I was close to getting a 2:30 (my 2013 goal from Commitment day).  My knee was tight and painful (it was oddly sore and painful for the last week or so…:( ) So the last mile was tough.  I got ticked at my self, but well…I didn’t train so great this cycle so, I’m getting what I get.  I got through the last mile with a run walk situation.  The ibprophen that my mom finally gave me at 11 didn’t really help much until after I crossed the finish unfortunately!

Then came costume change #3. I had intended all along to run the race in my Minnesota t-shirt.  Since the rain ruined that idea I knew I needed to at least FINISH the race in my Minnesota t-shirt!  I did travel the farthest to run this race after all! (The t-shirt was circa 5th grade, when boys basketball won sections.  Some things you just don’t throw way people!)

DSC_0185DSC_0186   Here I come down the straight away! My aunt and uncle live behind the building that I am in front of.  Best location ever!DSC_0187 Finish line at 2:35!! Woop! Not too shabby for poor training.  I should always run at sea level!DSC_0188 Of course the traditional finish line excited picture with Heidi in spirit! DSC_0190 DSC_0192Me and my mama!