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I’ve had lots of things to post about and that I drafts that I’ve started, but none of them seem important.  The only thing that runs through my mind these last few days are thoughts of Boston and my family and friends and those that were hurt or killed.

I knew had two friends out there and thankfully they are both safe and sound. One of them were super speedy and finished about 40 minutes before the bombs exploded and he and this wife were far away enjoying a well deserved beer.  Another friend, a  run club buddy from my gym, had just finished at about 4:02 or so and was just collecting her belongings and getting through the chute.  My entire run club was checking and updating our Facebook page to see if she was safe and where she was!

Like many, I’m sure, I was glued to all of the new websites, and Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest updates.  All of the blogger that I follow are all safe and sound and I am so thankfully that they’ve all escaped any injuries!

After some time of reflecting on my own races and reading Kat’s blog, the events Monday have hit me much harder than I had thought that they would.  After the Boston Marathon bombing, I put myself in that place, at that finish line.  I could feel what some of the people there may have felt.  Even now as I type I tear up at the thought of all of my friends and family who have come to support me at the final yards of a race.  I put myself there.  What could have happened.  Who I could have lost. 

Sunday the 28th, there is an event in the Twin Cities, if you’re a local reader, this is the info from the Facebook event page:

A run in honor and in memory of all those affected by the tragedy that took place during the 2013 Boston Marathon.
Come run/walk for any or all of 4 hours, 09 minutes and 43 seconds. Water, gatorade, snacks will be provided on the course. You can come at anytime during the event, you do not need to be present at 10:40am to come and participate. For anyone in attendance at 2:49:43pm we will observe a moment of silence at the finish line.
Now, I’m never going to run Boston.  I am just not fast enough.  But I will do what I can to support Boston.

PhotoGrid_1366171569909Yesterday I pulled out the one race shirt I could
wear at work, under of course a blue shirt and then finally
I threw on my only yellow shirt for my 4.09 run club run after work. 
It was a day full of thoughts of Boston.Finishes I am thankful that my finishes have been happy
warm moments, with friends and family every time. 

My Chicago Marathon will have so much more meaning this fall. When I run Chicago, I will dedicate it to Boston. 

That finish line will be indescribable.