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Yes, that “whoa” in the title it supposed to sound like Joey from Blossom.  Whoa! ha I loved that show.

I digress. 

5 years ago today I woke up and layered up with Heidi’s husband’s sweatshirt (Thanks Chris!) to run a freezing AMA Fun Run 5K at UWEC with Heidi.  It was our very first 5k and wouldn’t you know it, at the start line it started to snow! Apparently our winters go in cycles.  So that means in 2018 this crap-tastic winter is going to happen again! Ugh.  But that means 2017 is going to be amazing like last year! 

OK..back on track.

We ran our very first 5k and we didn’t totally hate it.  Well I sort of did.  I wasn’t able to run the whole thing and there was a HUGE hill at the end in Carson Park.  Awesome.

That day lit the fire for more races together and longer and faster!

5 years, dozens of races, thousands of miles, and a few states later we’re still (now long distance) running buddies!

(Ps, Heidi, I think you should really consider heading to Chicago in the fall…just sayin 😉 )

Heidi and I