Happy Memorial day people!

Thank you to of the veterans! Especially my dad, grandpa, uncles, and cousin Erik!

Memorial day means that the #RWrunstreak starts today.  I will run a mile every day from Memorial Day through Independence Day. 

Last year I ran this streak for the first time and I completed it! I decided, after the 4th that I wanted to try running one mile for the whole year.  I started it and kept it up for a few months, and then I had a few busy days, and that plus the lack of a treadmill in my basement equaled a few missed days and the end of my streak. 

This year I am going to start the streak again and it will take me into my Chicago Marathon training cycle that starts in thes middle of June.  I want to keep up my own streak until Labor day.  My own #amyrunsthesummer streak.  (oh man, I just came up with that hashtag) I am so good! 

So through out the summer I am going to get up early (ICK!) or make some time throughout my day to get in my mile.  Luckily there is a one mile loop right out side of my front door.  My office has a small fitness center with a few treadmills (which I still need to get access to! whoops!), and I always have run club and a few running buddies to get my butt off the couch.

I am scared and that I won’t be able to do it.  That I’ll get lazy or let some drinks with volleyball friends or softball friends get in the way (that may have been the streak-ender last year). 

Here is to another summer of running.  I haven’t gotten my mile in yet today, but the day is young, and I have no plans! 🙂 

This summer instead of amy runs the lakes, it’s #amyrunsthesummer!  Hear, that Heidi?  We’re runnnig when I visit this week! 🙂