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oh I know I know, This post is so late. I’m a bad blogger, I know. (I still haven’t gotten used to this whole, hey come up with things to write about and then actually take the time to write, thing.) But now that I have a handy laptop (thanks work) I can hopefully find a little more time to write whilst sitting on the couch eating my dinner and watching Switched at Birth or Scandal.

Walking with PA My cousin Paige and I walking the 5k

Any who, I wanted to give you all the low down about our super awesome Mother’s day present that my sisters and I put together for our mama, and also the MD weekend festivities.

If you didn’t catch my last post my sisters and I had my friend Crystal take some pictures for us, picked out the best then went and bought some frames. Right now in my parent’s house there is one wall that has my younger sister’s senior picture, a clock and then my senior picture (if I had any in digital I may share…doubt it, you wouldn’t even recognize me. I am the definition of a “late bloomer”) my older sisters picture was replaced by the younger’s but other than that switch nothing on that wall has changed in 10ish years. So when my mom decided to tell my sister that she was re doing the living room and was taking our pictures down and not putting them back up, well that didn’t really fly with the youngest sister, so the picture idea was born. Now that I think about it, our little photo shoot was really just adult senior pictures.

fire truck  We alway stop at the fire trucks for B during the walk.

So that was the plan and I stayed up far too late watching Greek and windexing 8 picture frames on Saturday night aka pre-race night. Whoops. Mom’s worth it. Both my sisters were staying at my parent’s house for the walk in the am so I got tasked with the picture prep, since I live in town and live in my own home, parent free (oh yea, I’m a grown up!!)

FlagThe ties on the flag broke and it flew free as we were walking through the start.  It was a really cool sight to see.

I got to be uuber late for an early 545 wake up call, that accidently turned into 645, oops again. But I always get to the Race for a Cure run far too early (and most of my races for that matter!) But I know the traffic is always horrible around the MOA for this event. But I actually found a parking spot in a lot fairly close to the start and got in a potty break as they let the wheelchair racers go. I was still walking back to the start when the runners got their start, but there are always so many people that it was fine with me, plus I had my garmin!

first finishRun finish line! (I didn’t do the traditional finish line pic with a stranger being the photographer)

I bobbed and weaved between a billion people and tried to get in a good pace. But it was hard until almost the middle of mile two. If I would have gotten there earlier I could have/would have started toward the front of the pack, instead of the mid/back with the run/walkers. Not to say that run walkers are bad, I was just in the wrong starting spot. Oops again.

second finishFinish line with the excited pose! 

It was a great day, about 60 in the am then warmed up nicely for the walk at 9. I wore lots of pink of course! I was surprised at how good my legs felt. I know it as only a 5k. However, my mileage has been less than impressive lately so I was pleased. My Garmin time was 32:10 which isn’t any PR, but I was happy. On the previous Tuesday I ran a 5k with my gym run club and that took me about 35-36? Which just all sorts of ticked me off. So a 32 5k 5 days later was a nice improvement!

Finish with PA and B

PA, B and I at the finish.

After the walk I went to find the food vendors (specifically Panera, I really really had my heart set on one of their ribbon shaped bagels, and I was and still am thoroughly disappointed!) however the most I could find was cub with their bananas and water melon (yum!) and old Dutch where the guy threw 8 bags of chips in my bag. Thanks dude, but I don’t even like the salt and pepper ones…but I ate 2 bags anyway! Until I found the sun chips and Schwan’s trucks! Yay popsicles and sun chips. I may have eaten 3 bags of those in the next 3 miles…oops again!

I met up with my aunt and cousin and eventually the rest of my fam (mom, nephews, and sisters) and we head to the start of the walk. An hour later and a few sprints with my 5 year old nephew later we hit the finish line again. Snapped a few pics and I headed home for a shower.

mothers day

After the race B and I hung out on the deck playing on the Ipad.

My mom had made brunch for everyone at their house (I know I know shame on us for making mom cook on her day…but she really likes it and having us all there!). I ate too much, but that’s what you do when you have delicious brunch food staring you in the face! Hello caramel pecan rolls!! YUM!

After the dishes were done and we spent some time playing/laying in the yard we needed to give mom her present. I laid out the frames in their basement and took the video of B (fresh from a bike ride outside) did the grand reveal! Watch!

Mother’s Day Suprise Revealed!

I hope all my mom friends had an amazingly wonderful mother’s day!!

Finish grid