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Day two Night two of my Colorado trip went like this!  If you missed day one check it out here!

Friday night Heidi, Lynne and I met up at the Denver Zoo for the Underwearness 5k race.  Last year I went out to visit Heidi for the first time and she talked me into running this race for the first time.  So when I heard about this race again, I decided what better reason to go out and visit Heidi and Friends!?

Last year I ran this race in 33:14 which given the elevation (exactly a mile high!), I was ok with.  This year I finish in 30:55!  According to my Garmin my miles came out like this:

Mile 1: 9:54
Mile 2: 11:11 (stopped for water and fix the shoe)
Mile 3: 9:47
Average Pace: 10:18 

The course was short, my garmin had exactly 3.0 miles, but my pace is faster than last year so I am happy! And bonus, if I would have not stopped to fix the shoe I could have PR’d (maybe) and beat my old 5K pr of 29:49 set way back in 2009! Then Heidi and I would have both busted our 2009 PR’s in the same year (and a mile high!).  But alas, it was not my day.  It was a run race, and I walked away happy.  Also, knowing that there was free  wine in my future made me happy as well!



Traditional finish line picture above, and below is a jumping shot, because Lynne and Heidi do them, and I wanted to join in the fun!2013-05-31_19.19.49[2]

 Lynne was so kind to share some post race pictures that she took with her phone, since Heidi’s isn’t great, and I didn’t have mine!

After we all finished the race and took lots of finish pictures  (and I got my camera and phone) we headed over the zoo to see all of the animals!

IMG_20130531_194130_331 Heidi is ascared of the geese!IMG_20130531_195822_065 The big lioness came up to check out the little kids (for real!)
IMG_20130531_202747_546  Lynne and I gathered up our free drinks!

IMG_20130531_203440_174IMG_20130531_203026_430The giraffes were my favorite! I am so tall!



By the time the three of us saw all the animals/ran out of free drinks/ the sun went down, it was pretty late and Heidi and I were pretty hangry so she decided that I needed to experience Little Caesars for the first time.  Yes, I have not ever (I don’t think) eaten Little Caesars.  I did and it was yummy especially after the 5 drinks I had at the zoo! woo!

We headed home and promptly sat on the couch watched an episode or two of Bones and hit the hay! Saturday was trail running day so we needed our rest! Stay tuned for that!

Heidi and Lynne recapped the 5k here and here check ‘em out! (the both got shiny new PR’s!! YAY!)