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Continuing recap of my Colorado vacation/work out we’re up to the weekend!

Saturday Heidi and I met up with Lynne at Centennial Cone for a trail run in the morning.  The girls are going to run the Mt. Evans Ascent next week so they needed some long run training.  Heidi and Lynne ended up doing 9.5 miles and I did 4.5 miles.

We had lots of photo ops along the way which will take up the majority of this post! Enjoy! IMG_20130601_073058_233IMG_20130601_071348_959 IMG_20130601_075227_743 IMG_20130601_071707_028 IMG_20130601_074602_259 IMG_20130601_074856_143 IMG_20130601_075409_145 IMG_20130601_080306_111

On our way home, Heidi took me to 7-eleven where I had my very first slurpee! Yes, I am a child, but I really wanted one!


On Sunday Heidi, Chris and I headed out to a new to them bike trail that Chris biked down and Heidi and I ran up.  It was a shot run, but I got in my #rwrunstreak mile done for the day!

On our way back home we drove through Guanella Pass and had more photo ops! Woo!  We stopped to see Mt. Evans, Sawtooth and Bierstadt.

IMG_20130602_142930_519 IMG_20130602_142520_222IMG_20130602_142623_563


Next up in the 14er! YIKES!