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On Sunday Heidi, her husband Chris and I headed out to hike my very first 14er. We got up bright and early and headed out at about 4:30 (she wanted to leave at 4, the delay could have been my fault…sorry heidi!) for the 2.5 hour drive up to the Mt. Huron trail head.

Once we made it into the camp ground area there was a road that was for 4WD only and since these two just got their new fancy-shmancy Forrester with 4WD Heidi had no problem handling the 2-ish miles.  However she wasn’t quite as confident in her skills and Chris and I were. I probably would have behaved the same though! Yikes! There was some tricky spots, but she handled them like a champ!

Once we finally got to the trail head we were one of only three vehicles there so we knew it was going to be a quiet day on the mountain.  We headed up the switch backs and stopped for a few water/snack/photo breaks.IMG_20130603_142000_627 We stopped for lunch right above the tree line and looked at the last part of our hike.  I’m not going to lie, I got freaked out!  I am afraid of heights people! YIKES!



IMG_20130603_151121_868 Once we got our summit-ness done and started heading down the mountain, we found that there was a LOT of snow.  What is the best way to get down a mountain?! Glacading AKA sliding down on your butt AKA sledding with out the sled! There were three spots that we found were good for the glacading, but I only took video sliding down two of them. IMG_20130603_151208_353 The second one was a little hairy/rocky and I decided I’d use my hands to avoid the rocks instead of recording my sliding.  It turns out that was for the best, because one of the rocks I hit on the way down sliced up my pants! (below) woops!IMG_20130604_153329_499

Here are the two viedos I took.  They make my day each time I watch them and I hope you like them!

Number 1:http://youtu.be/g0NiFyvcX0A

Number 3:http://youtu.be/sc06OJoDr4c

Once we actually got to the summit it was sooo windy and I was freaked out of my head a little nervous about the height so I didn’t take any pictures but Heidi shared the pictures that she took at the summit with me and those are all below! Enjoy!

DSC05422 DSC05428 DSC05426


I found this summit video on youtube and you’ll get the feel of being at the summit! EEK!


After we got home and showered and went to a pizza buffet and get ice cream!

Then next morning we got up bright and early so Heidi could take me to the airport and go home! 😦 It was a great trip with some great memories! Thanks for putting up with me Heidi, Chris and Fred!