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My run club group is notorious for a expensive wonderful habit of having a big bandwagon affect on us members.  I guess we’re a little sheepish.  One person says they are going to do a race and then before a few days go by 5 more people have signed up!

This was the case for Lake Waconia’s Lola’s half marathon/10 mile yesterday.  Last month there was lots of chatter in the facebook group about signing up for this race and before I knew it there a number of people signed up!  I did not sign up as my 2013 racing budget is pretty much maxed out with all of the races I have signed up for so far, and the Chicago Marathon that is taking a big chunk of change!  But I always said that I would be there to cheer on all of my run club peeps!IMG_20130608_104111_635

So anyway, my friend Linda was amongst the people who signed up.  She registered for the 10 miler.  Then a short time later she boarded a flight to Africa for ~2 weeks!  When she got back the time change got the best of her so she recruited asked if I wanted to run in her place on Thursday.  I’ve been running, not in any way shape or form actually training for anything, but I’ve been running.  So I said yes thinking it would be a fun race with the run club people! 

Do I look like I mean business?

I’ve never done this race before (I heard it was just the second time they’ve put it on) and it was great! The course was freaking hilly well marked and the lake and houses were pretty to look at!

This was about mile 7, I really just wanted to sit and and relax!

The sun was out and hot in the first 3 miles or so and that made me nervous but eventually we got into some shade and the clouds came out for a bit.

IMG_20130608_092908_042 Sugarbush…It sounded funny…

I wanted to run a good time since I almost PR’d last Friday, I thought maybe I had it in me.  The stars didn’t quite align for me, but I did much better than my last 10 mile race by around 20 minutes and just over my PR by about 7 minutes!  For not knowing that I was running this race until Thursday for a Saturday race I thought I did pretty well!  My chip time was 1:53:01 and my PR is somewhere around 144/145.

IMG_20130608_103845_790 After I finished I hung out with Linda and waited for the rest of the group to come in.

As I walked back to where Linda and her kids were standing and cheering, there was a half marathoner laying on the ground in pretty rough shape! Linda told me that she was wobbly on her feet and went down just after I finished.

IMG_20130608_100602_090 The woman’s dad came over and eventually the paramedics took her to the ER, but luckily the medical staff took really good care of her and she was conscious the entire time she was laying on the ground. You can see her sweaty body marks on the street! I would imagine she was extremely dehydrated.  The staff was SO great taking care of her and making sure the other runners took care to run around her (she was in the middle of the course).  I felt so bad for her since the finish line was JUST 100 yards away!  She didn’t get to finish! 😦

IMG_20130608_103833_918 Traditional finish line pic!

IMG_20130608_104311_878Run club crew!


IMG_20130608_104422_773Linda” and Linda!

IMG_20130608_105610_921Medals and Beer! IMG_20130608_112405_995 Post race party!

After the race Lola’s had a great post race party for us – beer and burgers and pork sandwiches! Yum!

IMG_20130608_110222_847 After I had my fill of Lola’s I headed over to meet a few other friends for drinks at Floyd’s

IMG_20130608_122424_807 More Hydrating!

Once I finally made it home it was time for an icy bubble bath, and a movie night!



One one thing that I am not so sure about is my bling…It says half marathon, but I only did 10 miles. I have no idea if they had separate medals for the two races, but that is what the 8 year old gave me at the finish line so that’s what I took! Oh well!

It turned out to be a great race, with wonderful weather and great friends!  I’m glad that I had the opportunity to do this race and I think I will do it again next year!