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Hi Friends!

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now.  I feel like I have had so many things going on that when I have had time to sit down and write, I just haven’t wanted to take out the lappy, or sit at my desk and actually type it all out!  So here you go, a blog post written in the front seat of my friends truck whilst slowly heading though Mile Lacs on our way home from my friends’ cabin up north for the 4th of July weekend.

A couple of weekends I made the trip down to Madison WI for my sorority sister’s baby shower.  Since I went to school in Wisconsin I feel like 90% of my friends (made up stat…) from school live in Wisconsin now.  I luckily had a sister who lives in Hudson so I got to have someone to ride with for most of the way down which is nice.  I got to stay with my sister Natasha who bought a house almost a year ago and spent the weekend catching up with her and hearing her baby news.  There are 11 of my sorority sisters who are having babies in 2013.  It is totally and utterly crazy.  I am staying away so that I don’t the baby fever (quite yet).

The baby shower was at the mom to-be’s best friends moms house which was so gorgeous!  It was a very fancy shower!  They had a plated lunch all set out for us and Sangria (for the un-pregnant ladies) and lemonade for the baby mama’s.

Of course there was the presents, lots of presents.  If you’ve seen my instagram back then you would have seen my pictures of the haul I made for our present that I bought from Kohls and Goodwill for baby Hunter.  I teamed up with a few girls and pooled our money for a little bit bigger gift for the be-be. 

Side note – if you got all “eww gross” when I mentioned buying clothes at goodwill, I did mention the idea to my friend before actually purchasing (and she was all for it!)  In my defense Goodwill is a great place to buy kids clothes!  Let’s be honest, kids/babies only wear clothes for a few months and they they grow out of it.  So what’s the point on spending $25 on an outfit or two, when you can go to good will and buy 10 pieces of clothing for $25 (like I did).  My mom has taught me well in this aspect.  She has bought each of my nephews entire wardrobes from the local Goodwill!  This summer we my sister/BIL got a seasonal spot for their camper and can have a full closet of clothes for the boys and not have to pack up for them each time they go up north.  

Any hooters…It was a really nice shower and was nice to catch up with the girls at the shower.  Let me give you the breakdown of the girls there: There were seven of us sorority sisters there and four of them were pregnant, two had two kids already,  and then there was me.  The token childless woman.  Oh well, I had a glass of sangria and didn’t have to chase any tots around the house.  I just got to enjoy!

Before the shower I got in a run in the morning.  It was hot and humid and started to rain a little when I got to my half way point.  My marathon training plan called for me to run 9 miles that day, but I had stayed up late chatting with Natasha the night before and so I over slept a little and only got in 6 of my 9 miles.  But I’m glad I got in what I did because I didn’t feel so bad about the AMAZING cupcake that I had at the shower! It was SO good!


So here is a slight update, I wrote this on the 4th and it is now nearing the end of July! So I’m going to wrap this up here with a few pictures to top it off!

There are some pictures of my pre-shower run and then shots from the shower with my sorority sisters!

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