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It’s been quite some time since I have actually taken the time to sit down and write a post.  Life has been busy with softball, volleyball, marathon training, working two jobs, and the little time left over that I have left over for life!

There are have been SO many things happening since I have last sat down to write. The most colorful was the Color run in St. Paul on the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.  It was a really fun and well organized race!  Thanks to my trusty zip lock bag I took my phone along for the ride and was able to get some fun pictures with my friends Crystal and Linda during the run!

 IMG_20130714_082538_974IMG_20130714_082643_046 IMG_20130714_082649_464 IMG_20130714_084345_671 

Jenna, baby fox, me, Linda and Crystal all clean before heading to the start!IMG_20130714_092118_878

In the middle some where, reppin Minnesota!!IMG_20130714_095011_807

All done!  Woo!


I sweat the rainbow!


Apparently the color does not wash out well from freshly highlighted hair! next time I’m covering my hair in vegetable oil or a bandana!IMG_20130714_132753_369