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The way this weekend turned out was not at all how I had planned, and I say that in the best way.

I had planned on taking this past Friday off to spend the day at the Minnesota State Fair with my sisters, nephews and mom.  I decided to wear the trusty garmin to track how far we walked through out the day.  It turns out in about 8 or so hours we walked about 8 miles.  However my garmin died about an hour or so before we left so I rounded up a mile as that was our average pace for the day.  I was surprised that my nephews made it the whole day as one has pneumonia and the other had a fever the last three days.  Medicine is great!

Here are a few shots from the day.  First I met Jason and Alexis who are local radio hosts here and some really funny people! They told me about Gizmo’s pizza sandwich which I promptly stolled over and got for lunch.  YUM!  It is sausage, pizza sauce and cheese wrapped up an toasted on hoagie roll.  Holy yum was that good! 

gizmojason and alexis

E didn’t want to keep his tongue in his mouth, so I joined in on the fun!

me n e

The boys were happy to ride around all day in the stroller, especially when mini-doughnuts were mentioned!  E also loved the whale ride in the Kiddie- midway!E stroller E on ride

We all went on the giant slide! B was a little scared so we wanted me to sit next to him on the way down.  He even wanted me to hold his hand.  Then at the bottom he jumped up and said “I want to do that again!” and so did E! Next year boys!  I also found my sugar daddy….or not… 🙂

giant slidesugar daddy

by about 6 the boys were still going strong but I was fading, and getting a little worried about the 18 miler that was on tap for the next morning so mom and I dipped out and left the boys with my sisters.

I finally got home at 8 (my mom picked me up at 8am, hello long day!).  I changed my clothes and headed over to my softball team’s bbq to make a appearance then home and to  bed!

Then Saturday was the day! The 18 miler!  This was the longest run that I have ran since 2009 marathon training.  It was my longest training run that cycle and it was terrible.  This time I made it better.  The first 3.5 were with a fellow marathoner Laurie.  We met up back at the gym with our run club and did another 8.5. My friends Jeff and Stacey stayed with me and Stacey was even my fuel-mule! (I need a fuel belt stat!!)  We looped back to the gym and I got a bottle of water and some chomps, and headed out for the last solo 6.  That was the worst.  It was close to noon, humid and hot and sunny!  It sort of reminded me of the 2009 Grandma’s marathon, but I pushed through and made it back to the gym!  I had a frosty smoothie, foam rolled and headed home to sit in the AC.  Oh! I also bought new shoes! Thanks Brooks!long run

Once the running portion of the day was over it was time to drive down to Mankato for a house warming party! I didn’t even have time for a nap, but I felt surprisingly well!  I think I am finally starting to understand this whole proper fueling and hydration thing! WIN!

bike ride         

Sunday morning I has all of my alarms turned off and I still woke up before 9 am! I guess I wasn’t as tired as I thought!  I had 60 mins of cross-training on tap for Sunday and it was HOT!  But since I was biking I wasn’t as worried about it.  I explored my running trails, and then some. I was on my way back to my house, when I met an un-friend on the trial! A snake! YIKES! I didn’t see it until I was riding over it! EEK! It was black and white and definitely NOT a gartersnake! Sorry little guy or girl, but I ran over your tail!  Alll in all I put 12 miles on my new to me bike, which I just named today Mr. Melvin Yellowstone, or Melo yello for short.

So that was my weekend.  Lots of miles on me.  Did you count up all of those miles!?  I did…8 walking, 18 running, and 12 biking! That’s 38 miles!!! In three days! That’s lot of miles! Yay Me!

I’ve been quiet lately because I haven’t quite been living up to my training, and a little down about things, but this weekend, I have started to get my mojo back.  I’m getting back to my rhythm.  Here’s hoping the streak continues!

I’m coming for you Chicago!