I have been having sort of a rough week.  Tonight I went out for my nightly training run run/walk/life pondering. I meant for it to be a run, but just before I headed out with the intention of shaking some thing off and just getting to a better state of mind, low and behold another bombshell-type situation.

I tried to resolve it right then and there and instead of saying or doing anything I would regret (read: sitting on the couch all the love long night) I put on my shoes and headed out the door.

My 10:10 (yay) didn’t last long (boo) as my mind got all sorts of distracted.now you see, when I run alone lately I cant seem to actually process thoughts, its too busy saying steady your breathing, pump your arms, and most importantly, keep going! So when my brain got overloaded with the bombshell thoughts it was over.

I ran a familiar trail and there is a loop so I decided to do some super short speed work. 0.3mi loops in 2:10. Cool dude. After that I headed out to the trail again and pretty much stopped in my tracks to a sunset and view much like this. (Of course I didn’t bring my phone this time! Nuts!)



I Stood directly under the power lines so that all of the tower I could see in the distance lined up perfectly.

It was so peaceful and beautiful.

I thought about the bombshell situations and the other things that have been getting me down. The relationships that I have. If you keep putting Band-Aids on the owies over and over do you still work to save it or cut it off? I don’t know. I still don’t know.

I have been frustrated with just about every other situation that I find myself in. Between work, fitness, weight, personal relationships, marathon training, I feel like I am being put to the test.

Do you ever feel like there is just too much stuff and not enough you?