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Last year a bus full of my fellow gym members loaded up a coach bus to head just over the boarder into Wisconsin to join a bajillion crazy people for the Tough Mudder!

I thought that they were all crazy and total maniacs!  I at the time I didn’t see myself doing something like that, EVER.  After some running buddy peer pressure I signed up!

Last Saturday was the day!! Somerset Wisconsin 10-ish miles and 18 obstacles later I earned my orange headband!

IMG_20130719_183205 IMG_20130720_134112 IMG_20130720_135905_101

Let’s talk obstacles shall we?  There were 18 total, if I remember correctly.  We had an obstacle even before we crossed the start line!  We all had to get over a 6 foot wall to get into the coral and get pumped up!


 IMG_20130720_162927 IMG_20130720_184610_980

I was SO Hungry! I was a member of the clean plate club for sure! Even had some DELICIOUS cake.  It’s cool, I earned it!IMG_20130720_222048_584

My friends at the wedding knew that I was doing the tough mudder in the morning and I brougt my headband with to show off during the dance!  I got some strange looks but my friends knew and were proud! 🙂IMG_20130720_222114_967

A day later my legs looked better than the felt after I got home yesterday! + my delayed ( because I don’t drink and drive, and there was free wine at the wedding DUH!) celebratory drink post-mudder.

IMG_20130721_121951_090 IMG_20130721_134313

Last night my friend Dawn ask me if I thought I’d want to do the tough mudder next year, I responded with “ask me tomorrow”.  It was fun, it was hard, and it was exciting to complete!  I just wasn’t sure. 


(Edited Note: Don’t ask me why this was sitting in my drafts for 2 months.  The tough mudder MN was the weeeknd of July 22, and I am just posting now!? Don’t ask why!!)