Hi strangers!  I up until a few days ago I thought that I had not written anything for my little bloggy-blog in well over a year ago!  Then just the other day I realized that it has been less than a whole year (just February, not so bad right?).

So this year has been full of adventures.  Some of the highlights include two trips to Mexico, one for a wedding, one for my bi-annual volleyball beach vacation.  I also went to North Carolina for a week with my family to celebrate my cousin Anne’s wedding. 

When the summer came there was lots of staying around the cities and mini roadtrips for this girl, because, well, the bank account was drained by the above trips!

The All-Star game was in Minneapolis so my dad and I checked out the Fan Fest and some of the other events around the cities!

There were a few races sprinkled in, here and there, in the last few months.  A color run 5k, the Goldy’s Run 5k and Grandma’s Half marathon, Torchlite 5k, Turkey Trot 5K and Monster Dash 10 mile.  There was also the trip to Fargo and the weekend of races.  I went to Fargo to run the 5k and 10k with two cousins, then came back down to the cities to run and walk the Mother’s Day 5k at the Mall of America.  My friend ran his first marathon this year, and I did some pacing with him (on my bike).  We explored a new to-him trail by the river near my house.  Though it was washed out from all of the rain this summer, but we made due! 

A quick trip over to Eau Claire for a wedding reception for the couple who got married in Mexico earlier this year.  Many friends and sorority sisters were there, of course there was lots of catching up to do!

I had my first attempt at Jell-O shots for the 4th of July, which turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself!  The guys made a slip and slide which was just about as much fun for the adults as it was for the kiddos!

Then it was back to Eau Claire for a wedding for a sorority sister and fraternity friend of mine.  We might have missed the wedding, and were a bit (lot) over dressed for the wedding reception.  It was still a lot of fun and great to see some of the girls, and guys again!

There was the big end of summer road trip, or as I fondly refer to it as, the Wisconsin Sigma Baby Tour 2014.  Many of my sorority sisters life in eastern Wisconsin.  In one shot I got to visit with three of them and the little tots!

In the fall there was a camping weekend up to Duluth with friends.  We went to Split Rock Light house, and a new brewery.  My aunt and uncle live in Two Harbors and took us all out on their boat for an afternoon too!

I took both of my nephews out for an afternoon for each of their birthdays.  One in February to see the Lego movie.  He loves building anything Lego, so I knew it was the perfect gift for him.  I brought the youngest nephew to see all of the animals at the zoo in the fall.  They both loved the one-on-one time with Auntie Amy!

The fall lead to snow and winter cold.  I quit working at the gym (I finally have one job only for the first time since 2007!), but am still an active member.  I am loving being able to have the option to go to work our and not have to go when I was scheduled to work.  I’ve missed my run club peeps! Sending them off from behind the gym’s front desk each week was just not the same!

Halloween was an adventure with some friends who are very into Halloween.  They start building a haunted house in August and run it as a food drive for a local food shelf.  After a bit of coaxing I finally went through and did get scared…a bit!

Then there was the holidays and my big 31st birthday!  I had a fun night with some friends to help me celebrate my new year.  The holidays were spent with lots of family.  With two Thanksgivings and three Christmases you can imagine all of the food and family time!  It was all pretty great.

Oh yea, I saw Heidi too! She stopped to visit with me on her way back to the CO from WI.  I felt so special! 😉

On the final day of 2014, I was with great friends having a fun relaxing night in a hot tub with a drink or two (I firmly believe hot tubs are the best in the winter!).

If you made it through all of my wordiness, you deserve a reward!  I sure that this is the longest post I’ve written in the last 365 days, and to sum it all up I made a Flipgram of fun shots of my adventures throughout the year.  Enjoy and Cheers to 2015!