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So its almost the end of the month…you know what that means! Bills bills bills!  Going all sorts of old school with the tunage today so bear with me


A long time ago,  I did my adult duties and figured out a budget that I should be sticking to for my spending. I don’t take into account my rental income as that is not steady (the roommate moves out this weekend and I try to put most of that into savings each month) or the money I make from my second job at the gym (the schedule is never consistent).  So I factor in all of the things that I know, all my recurring expenses, all of which are the same each month (woo! Neerdy accountant alert!) Water/electric, gas, mortgage, HOA dues, tv/internet, car payment, gym dues(free bc I work there!), phone bill and student loan payment. And the balance of my paychecks that I have left at the end of the month (after putting 10% of each check to savings) is $300.

**pat myself on the back moment: I carry no credit card debt!**

At first when I was starting to really be a responsible adult I thought, well maybe I can go on $100/week. That’s ok…then a few weeks when buy and it was hard, man!  So here’s the new plan, $300/month, aka: that’s $75 a week peeps! That’s really not a lot especially with insane gas prices and the hundreds(sometimes) of miles I drive each week!

Side story- I went to church with Angie a few weeks ago and there was a story about a couple who got out of debt by, among other things, setting a budget and going to a cash only system.  It got my wheels turning. I could do that. So this is what I am going to do.  I don’t necessarily have to get out of debt, but I need to stay out of debt.  And jus learn to live within my means.

So this Saturday, for the month of February I am going to take out my $300 put $75 in each of 4 envelopes and that what I get for the month. This is not for my bills, but for my spending money I.E. gas, groceries, eating out ect. I think it will be real tough. I know it will be really nice to not have a credit card bill for 4 weeks!

 I just love this song…and it reminds me of Jamaica! dolla dolla dolla!

I have downloaded the “simple spending tracker” app on my phone and go through spurts of tracking. But I will track everything come February 1st!
Some things I have coming up this month is my trip to CANCUN (already paid for)!! So that will be a week of no driving my car, but $50 in baggage fees at the airport. Boo. Why baggage fees?! Dumb.  Before I leave for Mexico I want to take my oldest nephew out to see the Lego movie (he loves Legos!) for his birthday since I’ll be missing his 6th party. Hopefully that shouldn’t be too big of a hit if we catch a matinée and I sneak in some snacks!


I am counting down the days until my car is paid off in 2016 and my student loan is paid off in 2017.  That is a lot of days!

Til then, do you have penny pinching tip and tricks for me?!