All About Amy

Hey there kids! I’m Amy a 20-something in the Twin Cities suburbs.  I love being active whether that means running, playing softball, playing volleyball or working out at the gym or taking fitness classes somewhere.  I never liked running, in fact I hated and dreaded the mile run back in High School and Junior High gym classes! Since I graduated college in 2007 I’ve  become extremely more active and also a runner!  This is the story of how it all happened…

Heidi and I after our first 5k together.  It was too cold at the finish so we took finish line pictures in her kitchen!

After I graduated college in 2007 I pretty much stopped working out when I moved back home.  Then in January 2008 I joined a gym in my hometown and started working out with a personal trainer.  I got fit and lost about 25 pounds in the 10 months I was able to work out with her.

My working out with the PT apparently translated into running for my friend Heidi, since she convinced me to run a 5k!  In April 2008 my running buddy Heidi and I decided to attempt a 5k. After Heidi and I planned the American Marketing Association Fun run in 2007 as seniors in college, we decided it’d be fun to go back at try to actually run it!  My very first race was in the snow! It was cold and I was not prepared, but luckily Heidi’s husband lent me some layers to wear at the race!

After this, you could say the rest was history! I became a runner!  I kept wanting to go out and do better, and get faster so we signed up for every race we could think of.  We were lucky to live in different states (me in MN and her in WI) so that we had lots of options for races!

Heidi and I - HUGE PR's in the 2009 AMA Fun Run

Redemption 5k at the AMA Fun run in 4/09 -PR’s for both of us!  We were so excited that we both PR’d by so much that we had to document! Thus, the tradition of the excited finish line pose was born!

I’ve done dozens of races (most of which with Heidi, or at least with her in spirit!).  We both completed more 5ks, 7ks, 5 milers, 10ks, 10 milers, half marathons and marathons (2 for me and 2 for her) than I can even start to count!  She is a rock star and my running inspiration and long distance running buddy!  She’s had a little more running experience than I do…I think she actually had ran a race before that cold and snowy day back in April 2008!

A few years into our running buddy career she and her husband picked up and moved out to Colorado.  Their dream!  So of course I had to visit!  She’s come back to run some races with me and I even got to go visit her in July of 2012 to go hiking and running and just have fun!

After my first run in Denver…I’m smiling because we were on our way to Froyo!

Our Reunited Denver 5k! in 7/12

Since Heidi moved out to CO I did have to find some new local running buddies so I decided to join up with the run club at my gym.  I’ve been running with them since the spring of 2012 and it’s been so great! I’ve meet a bunch of new people and have been talked into more races, than I maybe would have done otherwise so that is always nice.

I even made the paper during my home town’s summer festival volleyball tournament!

Other than running with Heidi or my run club I spend a lot of my free time playing volleyball. I’m am in LOVE with playing volleyball!  I play on three indoor teams in the fall/winter/spring and in the summer’s I play on an outdoor sand league.  I’ve met a ton of awesome friends and players through the last few years.  I also play softball every summer with a great group of people.  I began playing softball when I was in 3rd grade and volleyball in 7th so thankfully both of these sports came back to me relatively quickly when I picked them up again after college!

When I’m not playing sports or working I spend time with the fam-damly.  I’m the middle of two sisters and pretty much consider my brother in-law a all out brother since he’s been in the family since I was in junior high!

Together my sister and her husband have two little boys – B & E.  I love them so much!  They are the funniest little boys!

My parents rock.  I can talk to my mom and dad about anything and my dad will always help me with anything around my house (whether he knows what he’d doing or not!) and my younger sister isn’t half bad either!

I also surround my self with amazing friends.  I have high school friends, college friends, volleyball friends, softball friends, gym friends and running friends.  So there is always something going on or someone to share a laugh with! I’ve even gotten a couple of formerly non-running friends into running!! Yay!

Katie and I after the Fargo 5k (her first 5k!)

The last little tidbit that I may or may not share on this little blog is my stories of dating.  The stories may be few and far between, but I’ll share the really good ones…with all names and places changed of course…or so I’ll lead you to believe!

Stay Tuned!

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