Running Around the Country

I have an ultimate dream goal of running a race (of any distance) in every state in the US.  I just started this dream in 2012 when I traveled to Fargo for my half and realized it would be the 3rd state in which I would run.

If you have any races in mind (and or a place for me to crash race weekend) let me know! I will be easy to get the close states checked off the list…Iowa, South Dakota, Illinois.  I think the best ones will be Hawaii and Alaska! Fun!
States to Cross off the list:
Wisconsin: Where I went to school. (The beginning of my running career, and a handful of races completed there)
Minnesota: Where I live (too many races to count!)
North Dakota: Fargo Go Far Challenge (5k on a Friday night and a half Marathon on Saturday morning.  It was a challenge!)
Colorado: Underwearness 5k x2! (So far!)
North Carolina: Crystal Coast 1/2 Marathon
Illinois: 2013 Chicago Marathon

States in the works:
Florida: Disney 1/2 Marathon in January 2015.  Another #runcation!


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