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One of my very close friends from college got married recently and invited me to her wedding.  I was one a a few select few on the invite list who could actually go.  You see, this wasn’t just any old wedding/reception, this wedding was in Cancun! (woop!) 

I ended up having a sorority sister as my date for the 4 or so days I was down there.  We stayed at a really nice all inclusive resort in Riviera Maya.  There was a group of roughly 25 of us there, I think.  Between her family and his family and us college Sorority/fraternity people, I lost track. 

Any hooters, it was a good mix of people and lots of fun and Margarita’s during the rainy evenings and days.  I am sorry we didn’t have nicer weather. 

But don’t you worry, I made a beeline for the volleyball court every chance I could, but sometimes the Canadian boys wouldn’t be soo keen on me playing with them, until i proved myself that is…

The day we got there was rainy, but sort of warm.  The next day was warm and sunny perfect! until the early evening when the clouds came in and my friends’ wedding had to be moved off of the beach to a sheltered area!  The next day was cloudy, but dry (during the day), and our final full day was cold and windy and rainy.  It was wind of a bummer to pay all that money to go to this fancy place on a beach and not have great weather!

So that is the re-cap my very first Mexican vacation and here are a few pictures to be jealous of!

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